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Cleveland Clinic Florida Receives Accreditation as A-STEP Provider

December 11, 2009

Cleveland Clinic Florida recently received accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) as a Provider of the Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program, A-STEP.

A-STEP provides participants with standardized education and training that develops a knowledge-base about sleep medicine and the professional skills required of a sleep technologist.  As a staff member at a sleep facility, a sleep technologist administers sleep tests to patients as well as therapeutic services.  The sleep technologist also assists the sleep physician with patient care and education. 

A-STEP is a two-step training program that includes an 80-hour educational AASM A-STEP Introductory Course, followed by 14 Web-based Self-Study Modules which participants can complete during on-the-job training provided by their employer. The Cleveland Clinic Florida Sleep Disorders Center has earned a two-year accreditation as an A-STEP Provider, meaning that the education offered by Sleep Disorders Center’s Introductory Course has met the standards of accreditation designated by the AASM. The accreditation process involved a detailed evaluation of  the Sleep Disorders Center’s program, including faculty, curriculum, resources and assessment. 

“The American Academy of Sleep Medicine congratulates the Cleveland Clinic Florida Sleep Disorders Center on fulfilling the high standards required for receiving accreditation as an A-STEP Provider,” said Alejandro D. Chediak, MD, AASM president.  “Cleveland Clinic Florida’s A-STEP is a significant resource to the local community as it ensures that those who assist in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with sleep disorders are well-trained and that patients suffering from sleep disorders receive the highest quality of care.”
Individuals interested in receiving formalized education and training in sleep technology by enrolling as an A-STEP participant at Cleveland Clinic Florida Sleep Disorders Center can contact Patrick McMahon by telephone at 954-385-0761.

The Cleveland Clinic Florida Sleep Disorders Center, founded in 1996 by Dr. L.A. Smolley, is one of only six fully accredited sleep disorders centers in the tri-county region. We recently expanded the lab to 6 beds and relocated our modern equipment to the Marriott Hotel in Weston. By moving to a hotel setting, we provide an extremely comfortable environment more conducive to sleep.

Our diagnostic sleep laboratory is supervised by two Sleep Board certified physicians. We use a multidisciplinary approach involving sleep specialists, pulmonologists, ear-nose-throat specialists and psychologists or psychiatrists to diagnose and treat problems related to daytime sleepiness, snoring, trouble staying asleep, headaches in the morning, difficult to treat hypertension, etc., which could be due to obstructive sleep apnea or other sleep related problems.