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The EMS Academy Medina Campus at Medina County Career Center will provide Initial EMTcertification ONLY. With the variety of resources available in Cleveland Clinic's health system, EMT students are provided clinical opportunities that will help to develop their knowledge and skills over and above that of other programs. The goal of the EMS Academy Medina Campus/Medina County career Center is to facilitate sound academic, clinical, and field opportunities with the leadership of healthcare providers who have fashioned the EMS profession.

We will no longer be providing EMT, AEMT or Paramedic Initial Training at the West or East Campuses.

The EMS Academy's Division of EMS Continuing Education is designed to challenge the provider and improve their career with education and practicum through unparalleled educational offerings.

We offer the quality continuing education that is essential in maintaining and further developing the EMS professional. With quality education at the forefront, we believe the direct result will be improved patient care.

Regional Medical Direction Online Refresher Courses

As a Cleveland Clinic Medical Direction affiliate or employee of Cleveland Clinic Health System you are entitled to receive a complimentary EMT-Basic or Paramedic Refresher Course every 3 years to aid in the renewal of your State of Ohio Re-Certification. We are committed to you, your education and professional development as an EMS-educated member of our pre-hospital family. Providing you with the highest caliber of education ensures that our communities in which you serve are receiving the best care available as we continue to put patients first. These ONLINE courses will be conducted through the Online Virtual Instructor Led Training program (VILT) via the new Cleveland Clinic Edvance 360 Learning Management System (LMS).

Unfortunately, we will no longer be accepting refresher applications from EMS personnel OUTSIDE Cleveland Clinic Medical Control authority.

Virtual Instructor-Led EMS Refresher Courses


EMT and Paramedic Refresher courses utilize a cross-breeding of instructional medium which meets all objectives as outlined by the ODOT and National Registry of EMT's. These refreshers combine: distributive learning, instructor-based distance learning, traditional classroom methods and psychomotor review to execute the approved courses.

Valid for:

  1. State of Ohio
  2. National Registry
  3. NREMT Transitional Update
NREMT Transitional Update

The State EMS Board has adopted the National EMS Education Standards and the National EMS Scope of Practice Model as a minimum guideline for Ohio EMS providers. The action does not reduce the current Ohio EMS scope of practice in fact additional psychomotor skills have been added to the draft Ohio curriculum and scope of practice rules.

The NREMT Transition Policy requires a state‐approved course and the Ohio Refresher programs will be the only courses approved by the State Board to meet the NREMT transition criteria.

Cleveland Clinic's EMS Academy’s 30hr EMT and 48hr Paramedic VILT Refresher Courses meet all objectives and policies set forth by the State of Ohio, National Registry and the NREMT Transition Policy.

1. Students PRE-REGISTER for the Course via the registration links provided on this web site.
2. Your employment at Cleveland Clinic or member of Cleveland Clinic Medical Command will be verified prior to the session start date.
3. Once verified, an email will be sent out  prior to the start of the session. This email will contain enrollment information about the course and instructions on how to set up profile and conduct the course.
4. Student works at their own pace and completes the entire online didactic content within the confines of the session dates.
5. Once the online didactic content is completed with an 80% overall, students will contact their respective EMS coordinator to set up date,times and location for their Skills Verification component.
6. After skill verification is passed, a Certificate of Completion for the course will be sent via email to the student.

Greater Knowledge • Improved Skills • Superior Patient Care


Cleveland Clinic & Regional Hospital EMT & Paramedic Employees: COMPLEMENTARY
Cleveland Clinic & Regional Hospital's Medical Direction Fire Departments: COMPLEMENTARY

Course Sessions»

Cleveland Clinic's EMS Academy will provide a total of 2 Refresher Sessions in a calendar year with each lasting approximately 60 calendar days. Students work at their own pace

2014 Online EMS Refresher Courses

Open enrollment. Courses MUST be completed within the session time frame.

  • Session 1: January 20 - March 20, 2014 - In Session
  • Session 2: September 1 - November 1, 2014

Psychomotor Skills Verification»

Cleveland Clinic's EMS Academy in conjunction with approved and accredited EMS education Instructors will be providing you a convenient option to practice your skills and prove skill competency. This is not a time to be "nervous," but a time to refresh and review and achieve the comfort in your ability to practice the EMS-related skills at your respective level. The psychomotor objectives are included within the refresher. Skills practice and competencies will be conducted through your current ESI EMS Coordinator for your Fire/EMS Department or Hospital.

Skills Verification»

After the ONLINE Didactic portion of the program is complete , the student must complete the Skills verification component of the course to successfully complete the refresher course. All skills sheets will be supplied to the student during the online course.

All Skills practice and competencies will be conducted through your current ESI EMS Coordinator for your Fire/EMS Department or Hospital.

Please contact your EMS Coordinator to set up a date, time and location for the Skills verification process.

Refresher Course Registration»


Your employment will be verified with your respective department or hospital EMS Coordinator

Starting a Career in EMS?

We are glad you are interested in a career in Emergency Medical Services. The EMS Academy can help you fulfill all of the requirements necessary along the way of becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

By enrolling in our EMT class you will lay a foundation of excellence for your Emergency Medicine Services career.

At the end of the class, you will be ready for the National Registry exam which, when passed, will make you a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician-Basic and also a certified State of Ohio Emergency Medical Technician

Contact Information

Call: Medina County Career Center at 330.725.8461 for more information regarding registration and class dates and times.


The EMS Academy offers the EMT Program several times throughout the year. The curriculum consists of at least 120 hours of didactic, 60 laboratory hours and a minimum of 24 hours of clinical internship. The programs meet the requirements set forth by the Ohio Division of Public Safety and prepare the student to sit for the National Registry, which is Ohio’s certification test.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be required to complete a 24-hour clinical internship in a hospital ED and EMS environment.

Attendance to the program is mandatory and students must maintain an average of 80% to successfully complete the course.

Medina County Career Center at 330.725.8461 for more information regarding registration and class dates and times.

Initial Training Course Calendar 2014»

Initial Training Courses 2014 : TO BE ANNOUNCED
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