Our Quality of Care

"At Cleveland Clinic, 'Patients First' aren't just words – our patients are the reason we're here, and we're proud of the care we provide to all who come here." – Christine Carter-Kent, MD

Every Cleveland Clinic employee has the opportunity to positively influence each patient’s experience. Regardless of whether we provide direct or indirect care to our patients, we all support our mission of putting patients first to deliver world class care. In addition to caring for patients and families, we care for each other.

All caregivers are responsible for demonstrating the six values of our enterprise: quality, teamwork, innovation, service, integrity and compassion; modeling our expected service behaviors and practicing effective service recovery methods (such as the Respond with H.E.A.R.T.™ model).

Respond with H.E.A.R.T.™ is an innovative service recovery program that helps employees address patients’ concerns and questions from the moment they arise. It provides employees a consistent approach to handling patients’ concerns and empowers individuals to respond in such as way that the person feels he or she was responded to with care and concern. The goals of this program are to: Hear the concern; Empathize with the way the person is feeling; Apologize for the experience the person is having; Respond with action to the problem; and Thank the person for giving you an opportunity to make things right.

Other programs sponsored by Cleveland Clinic's Office of Patient Experience include:

  • Patient Service Navigation Program:
    The goal of this program is to create a seamless experience for patients by eliminating service gaps and connecting patients and their families to Cleveland Clinic’s resources.
  • Voice of the Patient Advisory Councils (VPACs):
    Includes employees and patients who meet regularly to discuss and impact a variety of issues and challenges affecting patients and family members.
  • Healing Services:
    The team provides holistic care experiences for patients, families and employees. Services include complimentary light massages, Reiki, Healing Touch™, aromatherapy, guided imagery and others.
  • Ombudsman:
    At Cleveland Clinic, we strive to anticipate the needs of our patients and families, but there are times when they have concerns or questions about their care.

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