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Personal Training Plus is a customized fitness program that combines world class clinical expertise with on-site personal training. The purpose of our personal training at Cleveland Clinic Canada is simple – to provide better health and measurable outcomes. Not only do we work with our clients to define and achieve their personal fitness objectives, we also ensure that we are doing it in a way that improves their overall health.

  • Backed by Clinical Evidence and Expertise
    Personal Training Plus was developed by a Cleveland Clinic epidemiologist and all training is delivered by clinical exercise physiologists.
  • Fitness Assessment & Prescription
    Every client receives a comprehensive 90 minute assessment and fitness prescription by a clinical exercise physiologist. During the assessment, we use evidence-based research and sophisticated diagnostics to create a patient centered fitness prescription that will dramatically improve health-related fitness and improve physical function in both the short and long term. The fitness prescription will take into account your fitness objectives and your current health status and will include a personalized training plan to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility. Our prescriptions can be applied by our personal trainers or used outside of our clinic – at your health club, home or even on the road.
  • Measurable Outcomes
    All of our fitness prescriptions are measurable. We know that motivation is often fueled by progress so we have designed the program to be measurable from start to finish.
  • Collaborative Care
    Providing personal training in a clinical setting allows us to enhance your fitness experience by integrating additional clinical experts and technologies into your program. Examples include:
    • Training for a race: In addition to our training, we can work with our sports dietitian to ensure that you are fueling for your race in an optimal way.
    • Bad knees: In addition to our training, we can work with our sports medicine physicians to improve the issue and build a training plan that accounts for this limitation.
    • Optimizing an aging body: In addition to our training, can work with our registered massage therapists to help you recover between workouts.

Who will benefit from this service?

Individuals who are:

  • New to exercise
  • Recovering from an injury or from surgery
  • Struggling to manage their weight
  • Interested in improving their workout effectiveness
  • Interested in building muscle, improving cardiovascular capacity and/or flexibility
  • Aging athletes
  • Conditioning to train for a new challenge- a run, a hike, etc.
  • Many more

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