Stephen Tsotsos DDS

“I felt compelled to thank you for the outstanding medical experience I had at Cleveland Clinic Canada. Taking part in the Executive Health Program, I must say, I have never had a more complete and thorough medical examination in all my years in and around healthcare."

Stephen Tsotsos, MD

Outside of the comprehensive nature of the program, the true advantage is that it was “one-stop shopping,” meaning no running around to various practitioners or medical labs spanning days, weeks or even months. I was speechless knowing that on ‘my day,’ I would be seen by a preventative health doctor, an exercise physiologist, a clinical psychologist, a dietitian AND had all my diagnostic tests and x-rays done on-site during my visit.

I don’t know what part of my experience has left me the most impressed--the traditionally invasive tests that could be performed through non-invasive methods, the high-tech diagnostic equipment, the noticeably clean facility or how the entire team was personable, attentive, professional and genuinely concerned about me. I really can’t stress this point enough – the team treated me perfect and the doctors I met certainly lived up to their ‘world-class doctor’ moniker. Further, all the practitioners spoke with detailed explanations and kept asking “is there anything else you’d like to discuss?” I never felt pressured or rushed; it was my day.

Keep up the great work and keep that bar high. Cleveland Clinic Canada has BY FAR exceeded my expectations."

-Dr. Stephen Tsotsos