Compelling stories from some of our patients about their experiences at Cleveland Clinic Canada.

Louise Starks

Louise Stark

“I'm just in love with Cleveland Clinic Canada. The programs and services are patient-centered — everything we need is in one convenient location.”… Read more


John D. Shoniker, BA, REBC

“The commitment to professionalism, dedication to compassion and understanding of urgency from Cleveland Clinic Canada is a real-life testament to their level of expertise. They are truly here to enhance — and save — your health.”… Read more


Stephen Tsotsos, DDS

“I felt compelled to write to thank you for the outstanding medical experience I had at Cleveland Clinic Canada. Taking part in the Executive Medical Program, I must say, I have never had a more complete and thorough medical examination in all my years in and around healthcare.”… Read more


Paul DeGiacomo

“Cleveland Clinic Canada is a very well-kept secret that needs to be let out. It’s a very positive experience.”… Read more


“After months of feeling lethargic and with a family history of heart disease, I decided to take control of my health.”… Read more