Paul Digiacomo

“I’m an active, 55-year-old man, and realized it was time to make an investment in my health.”

Photo of Paul Digiacomo Paul DeGiacomo, of Thunder Bay, heard about Cleveland Clinic Canada through his brother, who is a dentist with the Ontario Dental Association (ODA).  The ODA uses Cleveland Clinic Canada as a healthcare provider, and Paul was eager to see if Cleveland Clinic Canada’s services would complement the healthcare he was receiving in Thunder Bay. He visited Cleveland Clinic Canada's offices in Toronto for a half day comprehensive medical evaluation called the Executive Health Program. He was so impressed with the attention he received, the quality of care being offered and the detailed examinations, he chose to continue visiting the facility, despite the distance between Thunder Bay and Toronto.

And when Paul isn’t in Toronto and has questions about his care, he knows he can easily phone one of the physicians or specialists in Toronto and discuss his situation from the comfort of his own home. In fact, the only thing Paul doesn’t understand about Cleveland Clinic Canada is why more people are not taking advantage of it. “Cleveland Clinic Canada is a very well-kept secret that needs to be let out,” he says. “It’s a very positive experience.”