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Junior Ambassadors serve others and at the same time, make new friends, learn new skills, and enjoy a fulfilling, meaningful and unforgettable volunteer experience. Their enthusiasm and generosity enrich the lives of the patients, visitors and caregivers of Cleveland Clinic.

People come to Cleveland Clinic because they or someone they love needs medical treatment and care. The Junior Ambassadors join the collaborative efforts of all our volunteers and employees in welcoming, assisting and caring for patients. The theme of “Patients First” guides and directs the Junior Ambassadors' various activities.

Junior Ambassadors serve others in many ways:

  • Greet and escort patients and families from all over the world
  • Deliver flowers, magazines and mail to hospitalized patients
  • Assist with wheelchair transport
  • Enter computerized data
  • Visit patients or read to them
  • Volunteer with special projects or at special events

No matter what the activity, Junior Ambassadors bring their enthusiasm, talents, and creativity to the task at hand. In doing their best, Junior Ambassadors grow in self-respect and self-esteem and they feel good about helping others.

Junior Ambassadors:

  • Meet new people
  • Develop skills
  • Experience a world-class hospital
  • Observe caring professionals
  • Make a difference
  • Receive meal vouchers
  • Park free while volunteering
  • Compete for college scholarships
  • Receive recognition awards and attend events

Junior Ambassador Summer Program

Junior Ambassador SUMMER Program Requirements

Registration for the Summer 2017 Program begins February 2017.

Information will be available in February 2017.

Senior Project Information

High School Senior Projects

The Volunteer Services Department can assist high school seniors who seek to complete their senior project at Cleveland Clinic. To successfully complete the project, the students must fulfill the requirements of their high school and Cleveland Clinic.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The student must contact, on his or her own initiative, a supervisor for the project. The supervisor cannot be a relative. Please DO NOT contact Volunteer Services unless a supervisor has been established. Volunteer Services does not connect students with sponsors. Feel free to search for an area of interest on our website and contact a potential sponsor to inquire.
  • Senior projects are onboarded through Volunteer Services only if they are participating in some way. Feel free to contact Volunteer Services at 216.445.6986 when you have identified a Clinic employee who has agreed to sponsor you.
  • Senior projects are onboarded through Protective Services if they are simply observing for 40 or more hours. Your identified sponsor will need to contact our Protective Services Department for observation onboarding instructions.

Contact Volunteer Services

To find out more about our programs and opportunities or to learn how you can become a Cleveland Clinic Junior Ambassador at our Main Campus in Cleveland, Ohio, please submit a request below or call Volunteer Services at 216.445.6986.