Volunteer Application Process

Find out more about how to apply to volunteer at our Main Campus in Cleveland, Ohio and Cleveland area Family Health Centers.

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Application Process

To become a Cleveland Clinic Volunteer at our Main Campus in Cleveland, Ohio or one of our Cleveland area Family Health Centers:

  1. Application: Complete the Main Campus Volunteer Application or Family Health Center Volunteer Application or call 216.445.6986 to speak with a volunteer coordinator.
  2. Interview: A volunteer coordinator will review your application. You will be contacted by email (or phone if you prefer) to schedule an information session.
  3. Information Session: Volunteer Services Information Sessions are scheduled twice a month to help potential volunteers learn more about our volunteer program. Information Sessions introduce applicants to the structure of our program and the kind of volunteers we are looking for. Information sessions last 1 hour and feature group interviews with our volunteer coordinators to help determine if applicants are a good fit for our volunteer program.
  4. Orientation: If Volunteer Services determines an applicant is a good fit for our program, an email will be sent (or phone call if you prefer) to schedule an orientation. If Volunteer Services determines an applicant is not a good fit, a letter will be mailed. For applicants who are accepted, orientation attendance is required. Our orientations are scheduled twice a month and cover the policies and procedures of Cleveland Clinic and the Volunteer Services Department. The orientation last 2 hours and feature individual interviews with our volunteer coordinators.
  5. Security Clearance: Each applicant will receive a background check through our Protective Services Department at no cost. A social security number or Visa/Passport number is required. Children’s Hospital applicants will receive a fingerprinted background check at our Main Campus before or after the scheduled orientation.
  6. TB Test/Flu Shot: Volunteers are required to complete a yearly TB test and receive a seasonal flu shot. Cleveland Clinic provides TB tests and flu shots at no cost to our applicants and volunteers at our Main Campus and many Family Health Centers. A TB test is administered in one visit and then the patient returns 48-72 hours after to have the results read. If you fail to return for your reading, you will be required to REPEAT the TB test.
  7. Training: Applicants with direct patient contact (Nursing, Emergency Department, and Children’s Hospital) will receive additional training that will be scheduled with your Volunteer Coordinator after the confirmation of a completed TB test.
  8. ID Badge/Parking/Uniform: Each volunteer is provided a badge to be worn each time they volunteer and a parking sticker that will allow them to park in designated lots during their volunteer service. After orientation and training has been complete and confirmation of the completed security clearance and TB test has been received, applicants will be notified that they can report Volunteer Services to pick up their ID badge, parking sticker and uniform.
  9. Shadowing: Volunteers are required to shadow a veteran volunteer before beginning their regular shift. A volunteer coordinator will contact you to schedule a time for you to meet the veteran volunteer you will be shadowing.
  10. Volunteer!

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For our Main Campus in Cleveland, Ohio or one of our Cleveland area Family Health Centers, please review the current volunteer opportunities and submit an application or call us locally at 216.445.6986 or toll-free 800.223.2273, ext. 56986.

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