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Better Buying

Better Buying

We are committed to using our buying power to help transform the healthcare sector and prevent waste at its source.

Transforming Our Sector

As in our diversity and patient centered care approach, purchasing decisions are critical to sustainability at Cleveland Clinic, and have great potential for reducing our environmental impact. The Office for a Healthy Environment works hand in hand with Supply Chain Management and our vendors to seek opportunities to stop waste at its source such as reduced, recyclable or reusable packaging, energy efficiency requirements, increasing recycled content, and choosing non-hazardous products. For example, 2010 saw our first zero-waste contract, and new approaches to reducing patient PVC exposure.

We are confident that we can co-innovate with suppliers to reduce waste, cost, energy consumption and risk, while improving service, transparency, patient experience and safety by making more sustainable choices; a win for all involved, including our vendors, communities and our environment. We invite vendor participation in the national green healthcare movement and to report transparently on their achievements and struggles. We seek to fulfill our vision of becoming a healthcare system that is ecologically, economically and socially sustainable and a source of healing and wellness. We invite suppliers to join us as partners in this important work.