Alumni Relations Overview

Cleveland Clinic Alumni represent a constituency of physicians and scientists, throughout the world, who reflect a commitment to excellence.

Those eligible for membership in the Association include Cleveland Clinic-trained former, current and future:

Professional staff who hold these positions, but who trained outside Cleveland Clinic, will also be eligible for membership in the Association if they have served Cleveland Clinic for a period of five (5) years.

Cleveland Clinic is committed to serving as a resource to its Alumni by providing access to information and programmatic support necessary to ensure their professional growth and success. The goal of these efforts is to bolster the bond between the institution and its Alumni, and to create an atmosphere that encourages a commitment among Alumni to offer support and to participate in the life of the institution.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee
Name Position Training
Susan J. Rehm, MD President, Infectious Disease Alumni Specialty Director IM'81, ID'83
Conrad H. Simpfendorpher, MD Vice President, General Surgery Specialty Director S'04, FIM'05, S/HEP'06
Dale R. Shepard, MD, PhD Secretary/Treasurer, Hematology/Oncology Specialty Director IM’06, H/O'09
Gary H. Dworkin, MD Immediate Past President, Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery Alumni Specialty Director IM'06, H/O'09
Alumni Specialty Directors
Name Specialty Training
Mauricio A. Perilla, MD Anesthesiology & Critical Care
Dale R. Shepard, MD, PhD Cancer Center IM’06, H/O’09
Brian P. Griffin, MD, FACC Cardiology
Mark K. Grove, MD Cleveland Clinic Florida Alumni S'90, VS'91
Sara Pecorak Lappe, MD Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine/Representative PD ’09
Scott A. Strong, MD Colorectal Surgery CRS'92
Divya Singh-Behl, MD Dermatology D'02, DS'07
Mario Skugor, MD Endocrinology END'02
Michael Puff, MD Gastroenterology GE'89
Conrad H. Simpfendorfer, Jr., MD General Surgery S'04, FIM'05, S/HEP'06
Lee M. Adler, DO General Internal Medicine GL-1'73, IM'75
Pauline Kwok, MD Imaging (Radiology) TRS'95, DR'00, ABI'01
Albrecht H. Kramer, MD International S'76, VS'77
James W. Lewis, MD Nephrology/Hypertension Gl-1'68, IM'70, H/N'71, RES'74
Guy Sava, MD Neurological Surgery NS'80
Stodd Benedict, MD Neurology N'01, NEMB'02
Jonathan D. Emery, MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Staff
Jeffery M. Goshe Ophthalmology OPH'10
Alan Davis, MD Orthopaedic Surgery ORS ’89, ORS/FS ‘90
Toribio C. Flores, MD Otolaryngology & Communicative Disorders OTOCD'82
Jonathan (Jon) L. Myles, MD Pathology & Laboratory Medicine ACLPTH'87
Elumalal Appachi, MD Pediatrics PD'96, PDCC'99
Ralph M. Rosato, MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery PS’92
Leo J. Pozuelo, MD Psychiatry & Psychology P/P’97
Octavian Ioachimescu, MD, PhD Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care Medicine PULMCC'06/SLPM'07
Richard C. Page, PhD Research RES/HF'05
Rochelle Rosian, MD Rheumatic & Immunologic Disease RH’96
Thomas J. Maatman, DO* Urology, U'85
Leonard P. Krajewski, MD Vascular Surgery GS'78, VS'79
Jeveni M. Neff, MD Vascular Medicine VM'10
Ex-Officio Members
Name Title Training
Ex-Officio members are voted by peer group(s) or designated by Department
Elias I. Traboulsi, MD Director, Graduate Medical Education Staff Ophthalmology
Kathleen N. Franco, MD Associate Dean, CCLCM Student Affairs & Admissions Staff Psychiatry & Assistant Dean, Lerner College
Shanteria Dixon CCLCM Student Representative Class of 2013 ’12-’13
Emeritus Members
Name Position Training
Lilian V. Gonsalves, MD Past President, Alumni Specialty Director 2002-2012 P’81
William L. Proudfit, MD Emeritus President (Honoree) IM'43
William M. Michener, MD Emeritus Medical Director N/A

Cleveland Clinic Alumni Association By-Laws are available for download.

Alumni Referrals

Cleveland Clinic welcomes referrals from alumni and is committed to responding to all alumni referrals in a timely fashion. Alumni who wish to refer a patient to Cleveland Clinic should identify themselves as such when making a referral, which will ensure your referral receives priority attention.

Alumni patient referrals are highly valued at Cleveland Clinic, and we continually welcome your feedback on the referral process.

For complete details on patient referrals, please visit the “Referring a Patient" page.

Referring Physician Hotline: 855.733.3712

Patient Referrals
Laboratory Services

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories (CCL) is a full-service, national reference lab dedicated to providing world class care. CCL offers high-quality, state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory and pathology services combined with readily available consultations with experienced pathologists and laboratory scientists.

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories is home to anatomic, clinical and molecular pathology laboratories with annual test volumes exceeding 10 million. The facilities feature the most advanced technology and offer a comprehensive test menu of more than 2,400 tests.

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories is proud to serve hospitals, outpatient facilities and physicians worldwide.

CCL provides the highest quality laboratory testing and expert pathology diagnosis to patients institutionally, regionally and nationally.

For more information, please call 216.444.5755 or 800.628.6816 or visit

Global Patient Services

Global Patient Services is a full-service department with more than 70 patient service specialists, patient service coordinators, financial counselors, and support staff. Global Patient Services is dedicated to meeting the needs and requirements for global patients and their families.

For complimentary assistance for national and international patients and families, call 216.444.8184 or visit

Worldwide Critical Care Transport

Cleveland Clinic's Critical Care Transport team serves critically ill and highly complex patients across the globe. The role of Critical Care Transport team is to bring critically ill and highly complex patients from around the world here to receive care whether the transfer is by ground or air.

For additional information on the Critical Care Transport team and utilizing their services, please call 800.553.5056 or 216.444.8302.

Same-day appointments

We'll see you! Cleveland Clinic offers same-day appointments for the convenience of our patients.

With 22 locations including Main Campus, Family Health Centers and Urgent Care Centers, same-day appointments are available for pediatric and adult primary care visits, including Saturdays. A Nurse is on Call 24/7 at 216.444.CARE.