About Alumni Relations

Your Alumni Association, Yesterday and Today

Cleveland Clinic’s founders made clear their desire to keep in touch with their alumni.

Emphasizing their sentiments at the very first certificate ceremony on November 2, 1926, the five graduating fellows of the class heard this from founder George W. Crile, MD:

“We would like you to know the permanent staff and Board of Directors feel a great interest in your welfare and we shall follow you as far as possible with our interest and hope you will always remember this is an institution that is a home to which you may always return.”

The Alumni Association today carries on that same interest.

In addition to its fundamental obligations – to keep alumni connected to the organization and to one another – Cleveland Clinic’s Alumni Association today also:

  • Assists the medical professional through the promotion of continuing medical education classes, many at an alumni discounted rate;
  • Highlights alumni medical achievements, innovations and award-winners;
  • Honors the physician-scientist graduates of Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner College of Medicine; and
  • Develops a philanthropic interest among alumni to meet the health organization’s varied needs, be they buildings, equipment or people.
On beyond reunions

The Cleveland Clinic Alumni Association began much like those of many other medical organizations, existing mostly to host reunions and receptions where its doctors could catch up with one other and speak of their lives inside and outside the medical profession.

The occasions were fun, the smiles were many, but the relative importance of these events was often hard to measure.

Over time, the work of a dedicated, curious and engaged alumni staff and alumni base has grown ever more valuable. Communication, education, information have become the benchmarks of a vibrant alumni association in this fast-paced, digital world.

Toward those ends, today’s Cleveland Clinic Alumni Association also:

  • Acts as a strong ambassador to attract talent to the organization;
  • Networks with alumni around the globe to both keep lines of communication open and to facilitate the best possible patient treatment;
  • Funds internal programs of special interest to Cleveland Clinic;
  • Offers a modern web site, complete with information of use to physicians, such as registration for conferences and linking to Cleveland Clinic’s own prestigious Journal of Medicine;
  • Brings prominent Cleveland Clinic physicians, and others, before its Board of Directors to hear presentations on current matters of interest, many of which bear directly on physicians’ own patients and practices;
  • Reports on those presentations – and other news – through its routinely produced newsletter, Alumni Connection;
  • Holds events across the world to bring alumni in other countries up to date on what’s going on back home; and
  • Sends representatives to important medical conferences, such as one held recently in the Middle East, to learn about new medical techniques and equipment.
Welcome home

It is all about a renewed effort within the Alumni Association to be of greater service to its more than 13,000 members world-wide and to be of greater relevance to Cleveland Clinic overall.

The association knows it must be attentive and responsive to the needs of its members and continually look for new ways to be of service to them. It is that goal to which it is dedicated. And, just as alumni may receive help, they will go on to offer help to others, including their patients, their peers and their own Cleveland Clinic.

To paraphrase Dr. Crile: We always wish you success, we continue to follow you with interest, and we still hope you consider Cleveland Clinic to be your professional home.

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