The Section of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Related Motor Neuron Disorders in the Neuromuscular Center, headed by Dr. Erik P Pioro since 2000, provides diagnosis and management, as well as various research studies for hundreds of patients annually with ALS and other motor neuron diseases (MNDs) from Ohio and elsewhere. Every week, an average of 6 patients are newly diagnosed with ALS in the Neuromuscular Center and 8 previously diagnosed patients are managed in follow-up mostly in the ALS/MND multidisciplinary Team Clinic (an ALS Association Center of Excellence), co-directed by Drs. Rebecca M Kuenzler and Pioro.

Approximately 320 patients with ALS and related MNDs are provided ongoing care at any one time. Present research efforts in ALS and other MNDs are aimed at testing potential clinical therapies, characterizing the natural history of disease through big data analyses, identifying genetic and environmental factors predisposing to ALS/MND development, and examining the utility of novel neuroimaging techniques to noninvasively identify brain and spinal cord degeneration. A listing of ongoing and upcoming clinical trials in our section is available at clinicaltrials.gov. Successful completion of such multifaceted research efforts requires close collaboration with many talented individuals both internal and external to the Cleveland Clinic, as listed below. In addition to receiving clinical trial funding from various pharmaceutical companies, research support is or has been provided by NIH, CDC, the Packard Center for ALS Research, the ALS Association, and generous donors.


Northeast ALS (NEALS) Consortium
Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Biogen/Idec, Inc.
Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Centers for Disease Control, Federal Grant #NS42759
Sanofi Synthelabo, K08NS001846-01, Subaward No. IH-STTR-02
NIH, Rare Disease Clinical Research Network, Award No. TS15-001
Spastic Paraplegia Foundation



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Members & Collaborations

Members & Collaborations

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  • Michael Benatar, MD (University of Miami, Miami, FL)
  • Walter Bradley, MD (University of Miami, Miami, FL)
  • Mark Griswold, PhD (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH)
  • Julian Grosskreutz, PD, Dr. med. (Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany)
  • Dan Ma, PhD (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH)
  • Hiroshi Mitsumoto, MD (Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center)
  • Elijah Stommel, MD (Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH