Cleveland Clinic lead: Eldon Walker and Shibu Thomas - IBM lead: Karl Wehden

The demands of modern biomedical research computing workloads require access to data processing and storage capacity at massive scale. The computing infrastructure required can quickly overrun organizational data centers and personnel capacity. The Discovery Accelerator partnership will integrate IBM Cloud and Cleveland Clinic resources and computing infrastructure expertise to meet the complex processing and analytics demands of large data sets produced by emerging research.

Integration of Cleveland Clinic and IBM systems enables an integrated hybrid cloud environment that will facilitate workloads running on premise to burst to IBM Cloud resources while providing the necessary common view of data. Ultimately, investigators will be able to run cloud locally or in hybrid bursting workloads, depending on research and data requirements.

Our Projects


Cleveland Clinic lead: Dale Houston - IBM lead: Sophia Wen

This project aims to create a biomedical research data analytic environment that will allow computing workloads on a massive scale. Cloud resources will supplement on-site resources, and on-site workload bursts to the cloud will foster a consistent view of data.