Cleveland Clinic lead: Ahmet Erdemir, PhD - IBM lead: John Smith, PhD

The complexity of biomedical and healthcare data ecosystems requires comprehensive multidisciplinary investigations of disease trajectories, intervention possibilities and healthy homeostasis. Leveraging the expertise of Cleveland Clinic and IBM enables efficient, impactful and trustworthy use-inspired artificial intelligence.

The partnership will accelerate the discovery of knowledge in foundational omics, physiology and imaging, population and behavioral research, drug discovery and clinical care. The goal is to deliver personalized care through new markers, interventions and drug treatments, leading to comprehensive health and disease delivery in every aspect of biological systems, across multiple scales and spanning the complete lifecycle of biomedical discovery and translation.

Our Projects

Alzheimer’s disease drug repurposing collaboration

Cleveland Clinic lead: Feixiong Cheng, PhD - IBM lead: Yishai Shimoni, PhD

Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia and the sixth leading cause of death in America. This collaboration between Cleveland Clinic and IBM will develop intelligent computer-based systems pharmacology and multi-modal omic analytic tools, capable of searching human genome sequencing findings and large drug-target databases, while also testing the most promising artificial intelligence-predicted repurposable drugs using large-scale data. The innovative artificial intelligence technologies and potential prevention/therapeutic approaches will develop effective ways to improve outcomes in long-term brain care and quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Technologies developed in this setting could be applied to other complex diseases.

Next generation cancer immunotherapies

Cleveland Clinic lead: Timothy Chan, MD, PhD - IBM lead: Jeff Weber, PhD and Wendy Cornell, PhD

Using advanced computational methods, this project will develop optimal epitopes, which are the currency of the immune system. Artificial intelligence methods and molecular dynamics modeling will be used to identify and optimize epitopes that are recognized by the immune system, which will lead to the development of new immunotherapies.

Artificial Intelligence for 3D/4D Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Cleveland Clinic lead: Shaun Stauffer, PhD - IBM lead: Wendy Cornell, PhD

This project will be a unique opportunity for CCF to work with IBM’s high performance computing teams and leverage their molecular modeling tools for small molecule discovery/optimization in the areas of 1) COVID antiviral drug development and 2) inhibitors of a major transcription factor implicated in cancer. The project will have chemists, structural biologists, and computational scientists working together as a closely aligned team focusing. The effort if successful will create chemical matter for preclinical discovery and ultimately novel drug development candidates for clinical testing.

Effect of anti-inflammatory drugs on seizure recurrence in epilepsy patients who went through cranial surgery

Cleveland Clinic Lead: Lara Jehi, MD - IBM lead: Yishai Shimoni, PhD

We will explore a very large dataset (Marketscan) that contains information from insurance claims to see if certain medications that reduce inflammation have also reduced the occurrence of seizures after brain surgery. We will then confirm any information we get by studying a smaller population where detailed clinical information is available.