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Beyond Leadership

Beyond Leadership

Host Dr. Brian Bolwell escorts you through a network of thought leaders, sharing world-class insight on leadership and cutting-edge hospital management approaches. They will inspire and perhaps compel you to reinvent your practices – and yourself.

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Margaret McKenzie, MD, MS, FACOG

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Bring back the Humanity

Margaret McKenzie, MD, MS, FACOG, Vice President of Cleveland Clinic South Pointe Hospital and Marymount Hospital, joins host, Brian Bolwell, MD to discuss her journey to leadership, the importance of introspection, and how to bring a greater respect for humanity into the work of a leader.

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All Beyond Leadership Episodes

All Beyond Leadership Episodes

October 31, 2023

Know Your Audience

Richard Parker, MD, President of Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital and Cleveland Clinic Mentor Hospital, joins host Brian Bolwell, MD, to discuss the power of knowing your audience, developing a local culture, and his work with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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September 25, 2023

Just Say Yes

Neil Smith, DO, President of Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital, joins host, Brian Bolwell, MD, to discuss his path to leadership, lessons learned along the way, and the power of just saying yes.

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August 21, 2023

Leading through and Confronting Imposter Syndrome

Rebecca Starck, MD, President of Cleveland Clinic Avon Hospital, joins host, Brian Bolwell, MD, to discuss imposter syndrome, flying under the radar, and supporting not only those on your team, but the greater community beyond the hospital walls.

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July 31, 2023

Have the Courage to be Vulnerable

Lars Svensson, MD, PhD Chief of Cleveland Clinic Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute, joins host, Brian Bolwell, MD, to discuss having courage as a leader, the importance of being vulnerable, and how to best manage change within a team. Note: this episode was recorded prior to Dr. Svensson's change in title from Institute Chairman to Institute Chief.

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