Pediatric Anesthesia

On-time Antibiotic Administration


To achieve this metric, we have a two-step process: 1) the choice and dose of antibiotic is reviewed in the pre procedure huddle with the anesthesiologist, surgeon and circulating nurse. 2) The timely administration of the antibiotic is again reviewed in the Time Out that takes place in the operating room prior to incision. To avoid gaps, the surgeon verifies if antibiotic was given at the Time Out. Alternatively if an antibiotic is not needed, that is also reviewed and documented in the anesthesia record. The anesthesia record keeping system reminds the anesthesia provider to give the antibiotic prior to incision and reminds the provider when a re-dose of antibiotic is due.

Perioperative on-time antibiotic administration is defined as within one hour before incision if a patient is receiving cephazolin or within two hours before incision if a patient is receiving vancomycin.