Pediatric Cardiology & Congenital Heart Disease

Norwood Procedures

As part of Fetal Care Center, the Special Delivery Unit at Cleveland Clinic Children’s offers women with serious health conditions and women who are carrying babies with known birth defects a compassionate, family-centered setting for labor and delivery. Our families receive world-class care from adult and pediatric specialists in our nationally-ranked Children’s Hospital.

The Special Delivery Unit has labor and delivery suites, an operating room for Cesarean sections and other pregnancy-related procedures, an advanced newborn resuscitation and treatment room, and an adjoining Interventional Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization Lab. A pediatric surgical suite is located nearby. Women or babies requiring emergency services for complicated pregnancies can be transferred to the Special Delivery Unit from any location across the country using Cleveland Clinic’s Critical Care Transport Service.

Since 2014, our SDU care team has delivered almost 200 newborns with various forms of congenital heart disease, ranging from cardiac arrhythmias to the most complicated single ventricle patients.

30-Day Mortality

2016 - 2018

STS = Society for Thoracic Surgery.

¹2 patients were still in the hospital <30 days from the Norwood procedure at the time of publication.

Since 2016, there has only been one death within 30 days after a Norwood procedure.