Primary Care Pediatrics


Well-Child Care for Children Ages 0-15 Months


In Primary Care, delivering well-child preventative care is one of our primary goals. Infants and young children require frequent immunization and regular follow-up care. Ensuring that children under 15 months of age receive the recommended number of well-child visits continues to be a challenge. These children need six well-child checks. We closely track how many well-child checks every patient receives, and compare our data to the target benchmark set by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Adolescent Well-Care Visits


Cleveland Clinic Children's is in the national 90th percentile for ensuring that adolescent patients receive well-care visits. Our Wellness Registry allows our care teams to identify patients who are overdue for visits so that caregivers can reach out to patients to assist in scheduling. We are particularly focused on improving vaccine compliance through well-care visits.

NCQA = National Committee for Quality Assurance

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