Primary Care Pediatrics

Adolescent Depression Screening


Through the creation of an Ambulatory Care Dashboard, Primary Care Pediatrics is able to regularly review, monitor, and implement changes in several metrics tied directly to patient outcomes. Adolescent Depression Screening was added to the dashboard this year. This metric represents the percentage of adolescent seen for a preventative visit in the last year who were screened for depression with a standardized tool (PHQ-A). Screening is vital as the prevalence of depression in adolescents is estimated to be 11.3%, suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in the age group and the average time from the onset of symptoms to diagnosis has been 10 years.

Our care teams currently have alerts at the point of care to prompt completion of the PHQ-A every 12 months. We also have a Wellness Registry that alerts us when a patient is overdue for depression screening so our care teams can prioritize which patients need outreach. As we further refine our integrated primary care and behavioral health care model, we plan to develop further metrics around referral tracking inside and outside of our health system as well as overall patient health outcomes.

Depression Screening (N = 22,522)