Center for Autism

Preschool Placement Outcomes

The preschool program provides year-round, early, intensive behavior intervention for young children who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Children as young as 18 months through 6 years receive 30 or more hours per week of intervention. Using applied behavior analysis and child development principles, the staff works with parents to develop an individualized curriculum to teach communication, social interaction, play, and a range of functional and adaptive skills.

Since the preschool opened in 2002, 186 students have graduated from the program. Most children who have exited the preschool program in the past decade have been placed either in mainstream educational settings with minimal or no supports, or in intensive special education placements that do not require intensive behavioral intervention or 1:1 aide services. These outcomes indicate that young children with autism who attend the Lerner preschool program experience substantial improvements in their ability to function independently resulting in decreased resource use and cost to the public education system.

During the past 3 years the number of preschoolers who have exited to placements where intensive behavioral intervention is no longer required for student success has remained stable.

Improvement in Preschool Outcomes (N = 65)

2014 - 2018