Why Give

Why Give

Philanthropy is not new to Medina Hospital. Local citizens raised $100,000 to convert the Weidner Family home into Medina Community Hospital in 1944.

Since the creation of the Foundation more than 20 years ago, generous people have been instrumental in the evolving development of Medina Hospital into a location for World Class care close to home. Contributions to Medina Hospital Foundation continue to provide for the important medical and wellness efforts to all those who seek care.

As you consider giving to Medina Hospital, remember that gifts, both large and small, have a significant impact on the scope and quality of care Medina Hospital can offer its patients. Your gift is used for the sole benefit of Medina Hospital, helping to better lives and advance the health and wellness of individuals and families in our community.



Bill and Ruth Kelly

During their lives Bill and Ruth Kelly served as wonderful examples of love, friendship, integrity and generosity. Bill and Ruth passed away within 12 months of each other in 2013. Their lives remind us of the importance two people can have on their family, business, the community and the world around them.

Bill served his country in the US Army Air Force during WWII, and was married to Ruth, the love of his life, for 68 years. Together Ruth and Bill worked to create Bil-Jac Foods and made the company the business it is today. Bill served for over 35 years as a Board Member of Medina General Hospital and was the founder of what is today the Medina Hospital Foundation. In addition to supporting healthcare, they established and supported high school and college scholarship programs along with other community foundations. While we miss them both, our lives and the lives of countless patients cared for at Medina Hospital are better for Bill and Ruth’s being part of our community.

Elsie Ruhrkraut

In October 1969 Elsie began her service to Medina Hospital as a volunteer working at the information desk. After more than 40 years of dedicated service Elsie chose to “retire” as a volunteer in 2013.

When she reviewed her estate planning options she decided to give back in a new way. With her ties to the hospital she created a charitable gift annuity to the Medina Hospital Foundation.

"I gave to the Foundation because I feel very strongly about ensuring the hospital can continue to serve the community. We need it in the community; it’s an important asset to all our lives. I’ve enjoyed volunteering at Medina Hospital and I wanted to do my part to help the hospital provide excellent care to our growing community in the future.

The gift annuity will help the hospital and me. I gave money to the Foundation now and it pays me guaranteed income for the rest of my life. I get a tax deduction now for the donation.

My family supports my decision. They think it’s a wonderful idea. It gives them great comfort to know the payments I receive are fixed and don’t fluctuate with the stock market or economy. They understand my choices to give, too. I would definitely suggest a charitable gift annuity with the Foundation. It’s a wonderful opportunity to do something for the hospital that has given so much to all of us, while providing for yourself."

Medina Evening Rotary

For over 30 years the Medina Evening Rotary has hosted the annual Wine and Cheese tasting party to provide funds for specific projects at Medina Hospital. The countless hours donated and more than $250,000 raised over the years has made a large number of projects possible. Some of these are fetal monitors, portable ultrasound units, Emergency Department monitors, security vehicles, newborn hearing screening, mobile bone density scan unit, a STEMI system and more.

The Hospital Foundation thanks the Rotary for the wonderful things they have made possible since 1984!

Jones Center for Women

David and Dorothy “Dottie” Jones were married in 1957 and were very active citizens in Medina County. Dottie was a Medina High School history teacher, charter member of the American Association of University Women, President of Medina Hospital Auxiliary, member of Westfield Country Club and leader in Girl Scouts. Among other volunteer and civic roles Dave was the first President of Medina Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors when it was formed in 1991 and has been a great advocate of the Hospital.

Unfortunately for Dave, their three children and our community Dottie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999 and passed away in September, 2000. This was not the first time breast cancer had touched the Jones family as Dave’s mother Kathryn, also died of the disease.

Shortly after Dottie’s death, Dave established a multi-year capital improvement gift to commemorate the lives of these two very special ladies and created the Jones Center for Women. The goal of the Center was to create a place where women could be educated on the risks of breast cancer, focusing on the early detection and treatment of the disease in a warm, friendly and comforting environment.

Today the Jones Center continues that strong focus on women's health issues in a non-traditional hospital environment, boasting a decor that is warm, relaxing and filled with information on related women's health issues. Women can schedule digital mammography, bone density and ultrasound imaging at The Jones Center in a comfortable, soothing environment.

Cal and Donna Wible

Cal Wible has been a well-recognized name in Medina since the 1950s. For years he was the owner and operator of the GM dealership at the corner of Nettleton Road and Route 18 in Medina. Although Cal and wife, Donna, have retired to Naples, Florida, they still return annually to spend their summers locally.

When Medina Hospital became a Cleveland Clinic hospital, the Wibles were updating their joint estate plan. That plan included a $1 million bequest to Medina Hospital. As Cal relays, "The hospital has always met the medical needs of my family. Dr. Bijay Jayaswal and the entire staff attended me when I experienced a severe coronary in 1986. They are responsible for my being here – and the bonus of living an additional 23 years. It is only natural that Donna and I want to pay our dues and the best way we can repay them is by contributing to the Medina Hospital Foundation."

The Wibles’ gift will establish a permanent endowment fund for the Medina Hospital cardiac care department. They are very enthused about the current events at Medina Hospital and about being a part of the hospital’s future.

Don and Hope Wilder

In 1996 Don and Hope Wilder of Medina chose to improve Medina Hospital by purchasing a life insurance policy and donating it to Medina Hospital Foundation. In 2014 the Wilders worked with the Hospital Foundation board to use the cash value of this policy to improve the level of operating room (OR) lighting at Medina Hospital during their lifetime.

In an OR, surgical procedures demand the skill and concentration of the surgical team. Lifesaving and life-enhancing procedures rely on an unsung but invaluable member of the OR team – appropriate lighting. Surgical lights are designed to imitate natural light to preserve tissue color while at the same time provide sufficient lighting for patient safety and successful outcomes.

A gift of life insurance to Medina Hospital can be accomplished in a variety of ways. These include naming the hospital as a beneficiary of an existing policy, donating a fully paid-up policy or establishing a new policy and transferring ownership to Medina Hospital.

History of Giving

History of Giving

2017 Unrestricted Fund Use

In 2017, $242,810 was transferred from the Foundation's unrestricted fund for Patient Transport Services, Healing Services and the Healthy Medina Program.

2016 Unrestricted Fund Use

The 2016 allocation of $226,810 was used to establish Patient Transport Services, to purchase additional couch beds for new dads, for assistance with Patient Experience teams, and for Healing Services.

Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Give to Medina Hospital - Help Enhance Patient Care

Your gift is instrumental in supporting Medina Hospital’s mission to provide better care of the sick, investigation into their problems and further education of those who serve. Our professional staff takes great care in matching donors’ interests with current and emerging needs of patients served by Medina Hospital.

Below are some of our featured and most asked about opportunities.

Employee Care Fund

Provides financial assistance for employees who face short-term, immediate emergency and catastrophic needs.

Emergency Services

Supports the activities of the Emergency Department and Life Support Team (LST) which serves Medina and surrounding communities.

Healing Services

Healing Services are holistic care experiences that support patient well-being and natural relaxation and healing during a hospital stay. Healing Services are provided by the Healing Services Team, which includes Spiritual Care chaplains, Harp Therapy, massage, Reiki and Healing Touch™ practitioners, and supervised volunteers.

Healthy Medina

Healthy Medina promotes healthy lifestyles and behaviors by coordinating hospital programs with community partners like the City of Medina, Medina Community Recreation Center, Discount Drug Mart, the Chamber of Commerce and other interested parties.

Jones Center for Women’s Health

The Jones Center has a strong focus on women's health issues in a non-traditional hospital environment, boasting a decor that is warm, relaxing and filled with information on related women's health issues. Women can schedule mammography, bone density and ultrasound imaging at The Jones Center in a comfortable, soothing environment.

Nursing Fund

Nurses interact with patients and families more than any other group of Caregiver. Funds are used for continuing education, advanced certifications and other programs that improve the level of nursing at Medina Hospital.

Obstetric and Newborn Care

Care provided to expectant mothers prior to delivery and care of their newborn following delivery.

Pediatric Services

Cleveland Clinic Children’s pediatricians see our hospital’s youngest patients as newborns through their teens. Gifts support the areas of greatest need identified by the pediatric staff.

Volunteer Services

Volunteers provide thousands of hours of service to patients and families at Medina Hospital every year. Gifts are used to provide uniforms, thank you items and training courses for new volunteers.

View All Funding Opportunities

Many donors to the Foundation choose to designate their gift to a specific area within the hospital which impacted their lives or the life of a family member. The most often asked about are listed below.

  • Cancer Services
  • Employee Care Fund
  • Emergency Services
  • Healing Services
  • Heart and Vascular
  • Imaging
  • Jones Center for Women’s Health
  • Life Support Team
  • Nursing
  • Obstetric and Newborn Care
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Security Services
  • Staff Continuing Education
  • Volunteer Services
  • Wellness Initiative
  • Unrestricted Fund