According to the American Orthopedic Association, nearly 25 percent of individuals who suffer a hip fracture are at risk for death within a year. Those who survive often experience a loss of independence and may require long-term care. Fragility fractures are the first sign of poor bone health and osteoporosis. Patients with a fragility fracture are at an 86 percent higher risk of a second fracture.

Akron General participates in a National Quality Improvement Program aimed at identifying and treating fragility fractures and underlying bone disease. Akron General offers a Bone Health Program dedicated to closing the gap in care and ultimately reducing further fractures and the complications that follow.

Patients who are admitted to Akron General with a low-impact fracture are assessed by a dedicated nurse practitioner and then offered counseling on osteoporosis treatment strategies, as well as fall-reduction tactics that can be put in place in the home. Each patient’s primary care physician receives a report on these specific recommendations as well as the option for additional specialized follow-up. Individual progress is tracked confidentially to assist in this national effort at slowing this preventable epidemic.

Osteoporosis Center patients receive education on:

  • Safety and fall prevention strategies
  • Calcium and Vitamin D supplementation
  • Nutrition to support bone health
  • Weight bearing and muscle strengthening exercises
  • Smoking cessation, if applicable
  • Limiting alcohol intake
  • Bone densitometry and the importance of regular health maintenance screening
  • Risks and benefits of pharmacotherapy

Talk to your doctor about preventing osteoporosis, catching it early and treatment options. For more information, call 330.344.7198.