Update on in-person on-site and off-site events hosted by Cleveland Clinic

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to evolve, we wanted to provide an update on our policies on in-person gatherings — whether with our own caregivers or external audiences, off-site or on hospital property.

Guidance for events, conferences and meetings hosted on hospital property:

  • Not Permitted: Cleveland Clinic continues to restrict on-site events, meetings and conferences with external audiences while visitor restrictions are in place. (Note: The InterContinental Hotel & Conference Center is not considered a hospital property in terms of COVID-19 guidelines at this time.)
  • Permitted: Events, meetings and conferences limited to our caregivers only (with no external attendees) are permitted — whether they take place indoors or outdoors. For indoor events, event organizers must adhere to the existing, internal meeting room capacity and follow masking and safety guidelines.

Guidance for events, conferences and meetings hosted off-site:

At this time, we are restricting all indoor events and conferences hosted off-site (not on hospital property). Please suspend planning any new events that would take place between now and the end of 2021 until we have further guidance.

Other options include:

  • Host virtually
  • Host outdoors
  • Postpone until 2022

Events, conferences and meetings hosted off-site for caregivers and external audiences through 2021 will be considered as long as they are being hosted outdoors with appropriate safety/distancing precautions, including proper masking.

Events, conferences or meetings hosted in the 2022 calendar year will also be considered (whether they take place indoors or outdoors).

Please see masking guidance for attendees below:

  • If primary attendees are adults/over the age of 12 — Masks are recommended.
  • If primary attendees are children/under the age of 12 — Masks are required.

Also note: For all event staff and volunteers working the event, masks are required.

Please note that event organizers: 

  • Should continue to follow CDC guidance and local requirements. 
  • Are responsible for compliance with out-of-state guidelines (if applicable). 
  • Must include the Law Department waiver language (See Masks required language and Masks recommended language) as part of event registration / signage, according to these updated guidelines. An example can be found here.
  • Must have a contingency plan in place for cancellation within two weeks of the event.

Please first seek approval from your supervisor if you are interested in hosting an off-site event, conference or meeting:

  • Outdoors through the end of 2021
  • Indoors or outdoors in 2022

With managerial approval, you can submit an event request form, which has been updated to reflect these updated guidelines. Requests will continue to be reviewed by organizational leadership. 

We will continue to monitor this dynamic situation in our response to COVID-19 to keep our caregivers and visitors safe. Thank you for your continued support.