99.7% of recent COVID-19 infections occurred among unvaccinated caregivers

Vaccination is the best hope we have to ending this pandemic. But we need enough people to get vaccinated in order to reach collective immunity where the disease is no longer likely to spread – referred to as herd immunity.

The good news is that we have safe and effective vaccines available to all U.S. individuals 12 years and older. Now, we also have data from our own clinicians that affirms COVID-19 mRNA vaccine effectiveness.

Here’s what we found:

  • Among caregivers in Ohio, 99.7% of recent COVID-19 infections occurred among unvaccinated caregivers. Only 0.3% of infected caregivers were fully vaccinated. Data is from 47,000 caregivers, 1,991 of whom got COVID-19.
  • In this group, we’ve found the mRNA vaccines to be more than 96% effective in protecting against COVID-19.
  • In a separate study, we also found that patients admitted between January 1 – April 13, 2021 showed more than 99.75% of those hospitalized for COVID-19 had not been fully vaccinated.

Eduardo Mireles, MD, Director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit says, “This vaccine is highly effective to prevent our community from getting sick, not only our caregivers but the community. We have data on both. It cannot be more clear the message that vaccines work and it’s the key action that we need to do to get back to our normal lives as they were before coronavirus.” Read more on our Newsroom.

We strongly encourage all adults and children age 12 and older to get the vaccine. For those who already have, thank you for doing your part.

If you are unsure or are considering getting the vaccine, find more resources here. Caregivers can schedule a vaccine appointment by using MyChart or by calling 216.448.4117 Tuesday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (ET). Walk-in access is also available at the Langston Hughes Center and Lutheran Hospital. Learn more here.