COVID-19 test orders in Epic updated

COVID-19 test orders in Epic updated

A new federal mandate requires all hospitals to report COVID-19 data directly to the Department of Health and Human Services. A component of the new requirements are "Ask at Order Entry" questions to be answered by ordering providers.

CEO Update | Our masking guidelines for patients and caregivers

CEO Update | Our masking guidelines for patients and caregivers

Fellow caregivers,

Thank you for your teamwork throughout this pandemic. We continue to achieve our goal of protecting patients and caregivers while fulfilling our mission.

Cases of COVID-19 are rising in Ohio and Florida. To ensure your safety, we are taking additional precautions at Cleveland Clinic.

On Wednesday, July 22, new guidelines go into effect for patients and caregivers.

Let’s start with patients.

  • We are now requiring masks in the outpatient setting of our Ohio and Florida locations.
  • We strongly encourage patients who are hospitalized or in our emergency department to wear masks.
  • We continue to require visitors to wear masks inside our locations.

Cloth masks still offer a layer of protection and are encouraged in the community. Patients and visitors may wear masks from home. If they arrive without a mask, we will provide a surgical or ear loop mask.

Exceptions will apply for patients with respiratory or behavioral conditions that prevent them from wearing masks. Children under 10, patients who have trouble breathing and those who are incapacitated are also exempt.

Next, our guidelines for caregivers.

  • We now expect all caregivers to wear a surgical or ear loop mask for greater protection from inhaling respiratory droplets, which is particularly important in a healthcare setting.
  • This applies to every Ohio and Florida location, including administrative locations.
  • We will give you a mask at screening points.
  • Caregivers who interact with patients will receive additional guidelines for face shields.

Please be compassionate with patients and fellow caregivers as we implement these changes.

We have created tools to help you explain the importance of masking to patients.

For your fellow caregivers, remember this is part of our culture of safety. We ask you to speak up with kindness and concern.

Recently, I was leaving for the day when a fellow caregiver pointed out I was not wearing a mask. This was the right thing to say, and it was empathetic. I simply forgot to put on one. I then retrieved a mask and went on my way.

There is always a friendly way to encourage compliance. This is our joint responsibility as we protect patients and each other.

As we look ahead, we will continue to monitor this situation, and make decisions with the best information available.

Thank you for your understanding.

 Dr. Mijahlevic |  Cleveland Clinic

Tom Mihaljevic, MD
CEO and President

Submit your story to the Empathy and Valuing Every Person Lecture Series

Submit your story to the Empathy and Valuing Every Person Lecture Series

The Center for Bioethics is accepting story submissions to its Empathy and Valuing Every Person Lecture Series: Three Phases of COVID-19 Experiences. This third annual event, scheduled as three virtual sessions this fall, honors Dr. Anthony Thomas, Jr. Stories, reflections, poetry, testimonials and visual art presentations will be accepted. Award winners will receive $250 each.