Level orange visitation guidelines start in Ohio and Florida Feb. 22

Cleveland Clinic is optimistic about the ongoing decrease of COVID-19 positivity rates, both at our testing sites and in our communities. This sustained trend means we are able to safely invite more visitors back to see our patients.

StartingTuesday, Feb. 22, Cleveland Clinic locations in Ohio and Florida will implement orange level visitation guidelines at all facilities. This means all care settings will allow two visitors age 18 and older for all patients, including patients with COVID-19. Visitation hours remain 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The orange level visitation guidelines have also been updated. View the current orange level visitation guidelines flier, which will be added to the COVID-19 toolkit on Feb. 22.

Please take down and store all red level visitation signs by Feb. 22.

How do we get new signage?
Hospitals will receive new orange level retractable banner signs by Feb. 22. Family health centers and medical office buildings have received instructions for ordering new signs.

Where can we return old signs?
Return previous orange level visitation retractable banner signs to the Lerner building at main campus, NA1-127, to be recycled as soon as possible. Dispose previous orange level visitation fliers.

Does the visitor partnership pledge still apply?
Yes, Ohio and Florida locations will continue to use and distribute the visitor partnership pledge at their facilities. Read more about the pledge.

When can volunteers return to our facilities?
Volunteers who are fully vaccinatedandhave received their COVID-19 vaccine booster can return to our facilities starting Feb. 22. They will receive separate communications prior to their return.


  • Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 can visit a patient no less than 10 days after testing positive or being exposed.
  • Continue to consider compassionate exceptions to our visitation guidelines for all patients.
  • Visitors are required to wear masks upon entering any Cleveland Clinic facility in Ohio and Florida.
  • Visitors to patients with COVID-19 must /-/scassets/files/org/landing/preparing-for-coronavirus/visitation/guidelines-covid-patients-v3.pdf, which include wearing a mask, eye protection, gown and gloves.

Thank you for your support of these updates as we connect patients with their loved ones and protect our caregivers.