Every reason we wear masks is important

When your shift ends and you leave work, why do you “mask on”?

Last month we launched a social media campaign to support a culture of masking within the communities we serve and beyond. The purpose of the campaign, called “I Wear Because I Care,” is to encourage people to wear a mask to protect those they love.

We all wear masks for different reasons — whether to protect our parents, a friend with a pre-existing condition or a vulnerable co-worker — and every reason is important. As Cleveland Clinic caregivers, we have a special responsibility to set an example for proper mask wearing and help keep our workplace and communities safe.

You can help us spread the word about our “I Wear Because I Care” campaign in one (or all!) of the ways listed below.

Ways you can participate

  1. Share on social media. Take a photo of yourself wearing your mask and share it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags “#IWearBecauseICare” and “#MaskOn.” Feel free to include the reason — or the person — for which you wear your mask in your post. (Refer to our Social Media Use Policy on the intranet.)
  2. Print and post a flyer. Download and print our “I Wear Because I Care” flyer, on which you can write the names of those you care about, or attach photos of your loved ones. Post the flyer in your workspace or office, and/or include it in a photo to post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags “#IWearBecauseICare” and “#MaskOn.”
  3. Frame your profile photo. Visit https://cle.clinic/frame to add Cleveland Clinic’s “I Wear Because I Care” frame to your Facebook profile picture.

Additional resources