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It’s important as health care professionals that we model good behavior for our patients, friends and family. Below is a variety of resources, websites and information that we encourage you to share.

Top 5 Things to Remember about the COVID-19  vaccine

  1. Make sure patients have a MyChart account. It is the easiest way to ensure they receive communication about a scheduling ticket. If the patient does not have access to MyChart, call 216.444.2538 for scheduling over the phone. Caregivers are available 24/7.
  2. A scheduling ticket to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is NOT an appointment and patients need an appointment to get the vaccine. Appointment information can be found at
  3. The vaccine will be available to eligible patients by appointment only at our designated vaccination sites. It will not be available in our provider offices or walk-in clinics.
  4. Cleveland Clinic is just one way for patients to receive a vaccine. As vaccine supply is limited, they can find other locations to receive the COVID-19 vaccine near them on the Ohio Department of Health’s website.
  5. Even if patients have received the vaccine, they need to continue practicing existing safety measures.

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