Care for you and your household

You, caregiver, are a hero — and even heroes need a sidekick, a shoulder to lean on. At Cleveland Clinic, the resources listed below are in place with you and your household in mind. Don’t hesitate to reach out proactively or during a time of need.

For the countless challenges we face during this pandemic, browse the Caregiver Well-Being resources, which range from emotional to financial wellness, meal support, and back-up care for the children, elders, and pets in your life.

Call the Caregiver COVID-19 Hotline for help with:

  • Experiencing or suspecting COVID-19 symptoms
  • Concerns about potential exposure to a COVID-19 positive individual
  • Scheduling a COVID-19 test
  • Any questions or concerns related to COVID-19
  • Post-international travel: health screening and testing

Ohio and Nevada Caregiver COVID-19 Hotline: 216.445.8246

Florida Caregiver COVID-19 Hotline: 800.546.4149

If a member of your household is feeling ill, they should call their primary care provider or schedule a virtual visit on the MyClevelandClinic app.