Daily CEO Update | We reach out to help others

Daily CEO Update | We reach out to help others

Fellow Caregivers,

Our calling to serve extends beyond our walls and into the community. During this pandemic, we are helping to monitor high-risk populations, such as those in senior care facilities.

The frail elderly are among the most vulnerable to experience severe symptoms from COVID-19. We will assist these facilities with testing and monitoring to prevent community spread.

Here are recent examples of our teams offering support:

  • In Avon, Ohio, Dr. Maidana Vacca helped cohort and manage an outbreak of infections at a large skilled nursing and assisted living facility. Because of her efforts, only a fraction of patients required hospital admission.
  • At Martin North Hospital in Florida, a nearby assisted living facility had a suspected outbreak. Our team performed rapid testing for 100 people, minimizing the potential for community spread.

Dr. Wael Barsoum, CEO and President of our Florida region, joins me tomorrow to share more about our teams’ great work in Florida. I am also visiting Cleveland Clinic Akron General to hear from our team caring for patients with COVID-19. I look forward to sharing both of these discussions with you.

Our healthcare community spans far and wide. The heroes who went to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital keep us updated on their status. Everything is positive.

I received a message from one hospital executive who said our team’s presence has boosted morale for their caregivers.

This week, a second team will leave for Henry Ford Hospital in Michigan. Additionally, we will be seeking help from caregivers to travel to Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, which is experiencing a surge. I will share more details with you soon.

The Caregiver Giving program continues to support our caregivers who are most in need. I am proud to report that every member of our Leadership Team has made a gift. 

It’s National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. The recognition takes on special meaning this year because of all that our lab caregivers are doing during the pandemic.

Lab caregivers are an important part of our efforts to contain the virus. From developing test capabilities to collecting samples and processing them in our labs — their work is critical as the nation looks to take steps forward and slowly reopen.

Please continue to recognize your fellow caregivers for their hard work at the kudoboard. Together, we are all making a difference.

Thank you,

Dr. Mijahlevic |  Cleveland Clinic

Tom Mihaljevic, MD
CEO and President

What We Have Learned About Keeping You Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

What We Have Learned About Keeping You Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The health and safety of our caregivers and patients continue to be our top priority as we monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. We regularly track its impact on local, state and national levels to determine how we can best protect you as the situation evolves.

While some of our caregivers across the enterprise have tested positive for COVID-19, the vast majority have not worked on a COVID-19 cohort unit or directly cared for a COVID-19 patient. In addition, none of the caregivers who helped swab more than 8,000 people at our W.O. Walker testing site in Cleveland have tested positive for the virus; and none of the caregivers who led screening efforts at hospital entry points across the health system have tested positive.

This supports that our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) recommendations are effective in keeping our caregivers safe from contracting COVID-19 from patients who have tested positive. Your engagement in compassionate patient care and training for circumstances specific to the pandemic support these outcomes as well.

The pattern of COVID-19+ caregivers that we have seen is supportive of community spread or spread between caregivers. To reduce the risk of community spread that has affected most of our caregivers who have tested positive for COVID-19, we have implemented the following practices during the pandemic:

  • Thermal screening at building entrances
  • Providing cloth masks to caregivers when PPE is not required
  • Adjusting our remote work policies for non-patient-facing caregivers

All of this is in addition to our regular practice of encouraging our caregivers to stay home when they are sick.

When working at our hospitals, please continue to social distance yourself from others when possible and wash your hands frequently. Remember your cloth mask can help protect others from you, and your team members’ cloth masks can protect you from them.

We appreciate your attention to our PPE recommendations, policies and other guidelines as they continue to change frequently during the pandemic. Your dedication helps us keep our patients and your fellow caregivers safe.

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