PPE collection and reprocessing update for Ohio locations

Thank you for supporting our efforts to collect personal protective equipment (PPE) for reprocessing to safeguard our supplies during the pandemic.

With our current supply of PPE, including N95 masks and the reusable face shields and goggles caregivers wear in clinical areas, we are equipped to protect our caregivers and patients through the coming months. For this reason, collecting and reprocessing N95 masks, face shields and goggles is not necessary at this time.

Effective immediately, we are ending the Orange Bag Collection Program at all participating locations in Ohio. We are also suspending operations of our PPE reprocessing center.

What should I do with my PPE?

Caregivers whose locations had participated in the Orange Bag Collection Program must discard N95 masks, disposable face shields and disposable goggles according to standard practices prior to COVID-19. Do not discard PPE in the orange bags, which will be removed from units shortly.

If you have questions, contact surgicaloperations@ccf.org.