CEO Update | Signs of unity to protect our own

CEO Update | Signs of unity to protect our own

Fellow caregivers,

In our pursuit of doing good, we choose to unite for the preservation of health. It is why we are so proud to be a Cleveland Clinic family. But we are not alone. Our friends and colleagues have been alongside us in a defining moment of collaboration.

Today, a public service message asks Americans to protect our healthcare workers. It is a simple request: Mask up. Cleveland Clinic joins 100 health systems in broadcasting it nationwide. I spoke with TODAY about the campaign. Read our release to learn more.

In Northeast Ohio, local healthcare leaders signed a letter to rally the community toward containing the spread of COVID-19. We then hosted a joint media conference with MetroHealth System and University Hospitals.

We hope our plea prevents an unnecessary loss of life with vaccines on the horizon.

A pre-positioned COVID-19 vaccine may soon be available. The Ohio Department of Health identified Cleveland Clinic as one of 10 sites to receive and distribute it. We have prepared main campus to meet the storage requirements for serving our community.

The vaccine awaits emergency-use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration. It will not be available until the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues a recommendation on its use.

We will share information about the vaccine as it becomes available.

We continue to manage through the largest surge of patients in Ohio. We are reviewing scheduled surgeries weekly to ensure the safe provision of care. Nonessential surgeries requiring a hospital bed will resume for the week of November 23.

Outpatient surgical care at Marymount Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center remains suspended. We have extended this through mid-December and will reevaluate at that time.

Our next featured speaker at Ideas for Tomorrow is recognized for her community outreach. Mellody Hobson, Co-CEO & President, Ariel Investments, joins us December 2. Register for our discussion.

As we unite the community to care for others, we also give back. Our community health response during this pandemic shows the breadth of the needs we address. It is a continuation of our efforts from 2019, which are now detailed in the community benefit report.

Thank you for your dedication.

Dr. Mijahlevic |  Cleveland Clinic

Tom Mihaljevic, MD
CEO and President

Nonessential surgeries requiring a hospital bed will resume for the week of Monday, Nov. 23

Nonessential surgeries requiring a hospital bed will resume for the week of Monday, Nov. 23

Beginning Monday, Nov. 23, we will resume scheduled nonessential inpatient surgeries not expecting an ICU stay at all of our Ohio hospitals.

Nonessential surgeries will continue at Euclid and Lutheran hospitals, as well as all pediatrics procedures as they have been doing. Urgent and emergent surgeries — such as heart, cancer and neurological procedures — and outpatient surgeries will continue as scheduled.

We will continue to temporarily suspend outpatient surgical care at the Marymount Ambulatory Surgery Center and will re-evaluate in mid-December.

Patients will be redirected to Marymount Hospital or another Cleveland Clinic location for procedures. Caregivers will be redeployed to the hospital, which enables us to expand the number of beds for patients with COVID-19.

This is a fluid situation that we will continue to monitor, week by week. This will continue to evolve and as we monitor hospital occupancy and COVID-positive admissions, we will continue to take steps that ensure the safety of patients and caregivers. Thank you for your support and the work you do to take care of our patients.

We’ve partnered with 100 health systems to encourage use of masks

We’ve partnered with 100 health systems to encourage use of masks

Cleveland Clinic has united with 100 other top U.S. health care systems with an urgent plea for all Americans: mask up. We know that wearing a facemask is our best chance at slowing the COVID-19 pandemic.

The next several months will be critical. Though there has been positive news about vaccine development, we do not know when those vaccines will be ready for widespread use. We must all remain vigilant. Each of us has the power to do what is right to protect one another as caregivers and to spread the message to others.

To help do that, our own caregivers are featured in this video that hospitals across the nation will share on their social media channels.

In addition, starting Nov. 19, a public service message will run in The New York TimesUSA TodayThe Wall Street JournalThe Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times. Hospitals and health systems across the country will continue to unite to share these messages regionally.

The message reads:

“As the top nationally-ranked hospitals, we know it’s tough that we all need to do our part and keep wearing masks. But, here’s what we also know: The science has not changed. Masks slow the spread of COVID-19. So, please join us as we all embrace this simple ask: Wear. Care. Share with #MaskUp. Together, wearing is caring. And together, we are saving lives.”

See the full news release here and visit Click here to share the video with your family and friends.