Daily CEO Update

Daily CEO Update

Fellow caregivers,

The world is watching our healthcare community. We feel everyone’s support.

This is a moment of unity between healthcare workers, scientists, community partners and governments around the globe.

Be proud about the work you do. Your ability to touch lives is a unique service. It comes with an overwhelming sense of purpose.

Because caring for others is an opportunity and a responsibility.

We see this when patients express gratitude.

One patient captured our hearts this week. After recovering from COVID-19, our patient left this message to his care team:

“I watched some of you have good nights, and some bad nights. What was consistent every night, was that you care for people.”

Thank you for providing compassionate care to our patients.

As caregivers, we will never attach stigma or shame to COVID-19.

We will always treat patients and families with dignity, kindness and respect.

This also means honoring the privacy and confidentiality of protected health information.

We promise to only access the necessary information to perform our job duties.

It is one way we protect patients and treat them like our own family members.

We also care about you and your family. The Office of Caregiver Experience is launching new support services during the pandemic.

First is the caregiver comfort station. These stations are meant to help you decompress while at work.

Of course, they follow the guidelines of social distancing.

Ask your institute, hospital or division leader to contact the Office of Caregiver Experience. We are implementing comfort stations at our Ohio locations, and are exploring similar options in Florida.

Another service brings support to caregivers who are at home as a result of COVID-19.

The Office of Caregiver Experience arranges meals and meal delivery free of charge. They connect caregivers to local services, such as child and elder care.

To aid with recovery, the office provides resources for self-care and emotional support.

We are doing everything in our power to keep caregivers as safe as possible.

We are asking leaders and teams to support individuals when they experience challenges.

If you or a member of your family should become ill, we will take care of you with the resources available to us.

Please continue to reach out for support. Our Caring for Caregivers team is here for you.

They will provide counseling if you need help at work or home. They will listen. And if you simply need someone to talk to, they will help you process these recent changes.

We remain committed to your well-being and your safety.

Thank you for all that you are doing to comfort our patients and each other during this situation.

Your efforts truly make a difference.

Thank you.

Dr. Mijahlevic |  Cleveland Clinic

Tom Mihaljevic, MD
CEO and President

Use of Patient-Specific Stethoscopes

Use of Patient-Specific Stethoscopes

To be good stewards of our resources, we are implementing guidelines for use of stethoscopes on patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who are suspected of having COVID-19. In each patient room, there is one disposable stethoscope per patient that is to remain in the room. This is the only stethoscope needed for that patient’s care through their length of stay. The stethoscope is to be used by all caregivers for that patient’s care after disinfecting with a wipe between uses. Please store the stethoscope in the patient room in a manner to prevent contamination, which means out of the patient zone. If a stethoscope is not in the room, please request or obtain one from supplies. At the end of the patient’s stay, the stethoscope will be disposed.

Cleveland Clinic Launches Campaign for Northeast Ohio Community to Help in COVID-19 Response

Cleveland Clinic Launches Campaign for Northeast Ohio Community to Help in COVID-19 Response

The campaign has been launched in response to the Northeast Ohio community’s generous requests to provide assistance. Campaign priorities include donations to support caregivers, contributions of supplies, donations to COVID-19 treatment and research, supporting blood drives and making masks. These donated masks will be used to help reinforce cough etiquette in our community and will not be used by caregivers as PPE.

There are several locations for curb-side drop-off of masks and supplies. Drop-off location for caregivers at main campus is the Administrative Service Center (J1-824. off the main hallway right before Panera Bread on the left side of the hall.)