Update to hospital-issued scrubs program for caregivers providing consistent COVID-19 care

We continue to adjust our care practices based on new information and COVID-19 trends.

Effective at all Ohio locations on Thursday, April 1, we will no longer distribute ceil blue surgical scrubs to caregivers in departments and units where patients with COVID-19 are receiving care. This update will go into effect at all Florida locations starting Thursday, April 8.

If you work at an Ohio location and have been receiving hospital-issued scrubs for providing consistent COVID-19 care, please return them to your unit’s soiled collection area by April 1.

Nurses in Ohio must follow the Nursing Dress Code Standard Operating Procedure as they did prior to the pandemic, starting April 1. Nurses in Florida must do the same starting April 8. All caregivers may refer to the Professional Appearance Policy for more information about caregiver uniforms.

Questions? Contact your manager or your local infection preventionist.