We are making adjustments to unfilled OR time at most Ohio hospitals

As we continue to adjust to the healthcare needs of our patients due to the pandemic, we are seeing unprecedented demand for inpatient care across our Ohio facilities. As a result, we are taking proactive steps to serve the urgent needs of our patients and communities.

We are making temporary adjustments to unfilled operating room (OR) time at Ohio hospitals, with the exception of Euclid and Lutheran Hospitals. From Monday, Dec 6, 2021, through Monday, Jan. 3, 2022, unfilled OR time will not be scheduled with elective, non-essential (tier 3) surgeries performed in hospital ORs that require a hospital bed (e.g., admissions, short stay, extended recovery).

Note these important details:

  • This does not apply to outpatient, essential, urgent or emergent surgeries, or those in need of surgery for cancer, transplant, pediatrics, or HVTI.
  • We are not implementing a universal cancellation of scheduled surgeries. However, local hospital leadership will evaluate patient hospital needs on a daily basis and may target specific scheduled cases to postpone. If a case is to be postponed, surgeons will be contacted directly.
  • In addition, cases postponed during this period of time will not be replaced with elective, non-essential (tier 3) cases requiring an admission or overnight stay. Emergency, urgent and essential cases will still be added to the schedule.
  • At Euclid and Lutheran Hospitals, outpatient and inpatient surgeries requiring a hospital or ICU bed will continue to be scheduled from Dec. 6 through Jan.3.
  • Outpatient surgeries will continue to be scheduled from Dec. 6, 2021, through Jan. 3, 2022, at our Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) and Ambulatory Endoscopy Centers (AECs).
  • These changes do not apply to our Florida regional hospitals.

In making these decisions, patient and caregiver safety is our highest priority. At this time, no other changes to our surgical approaches in Ohio are planned. However, as this evolves, we will continue to assess our approach.

A main contributor to the rise in inpatient volume is a significant increase in patients hospitalized with COVID-19. The vast majority of these hospitalized patients are unvaccinated. We will continue to urge vaccination in our communities.

We will provide updates as they are available, and truly appreciate your ongoing dedication.