Need your vaccine info? Good news, it’s on MyChart

A new COVID-19 feature in the MyChart website and mobile app makes it easy to access your vaccination records and test results for return to school, travel and other documentation needs.

Select the COVID-19 page

The COVID-19 page is accessed from the main menu under “My Medical Record” and displays all details needed to confirm vaccination and/or test status, including your name and date of birth for identity verification.

If applicable, the page also includes the five most recent COVID-19 test results.

Easier than ever to print and share

Using the printer icon on the MyChart website, you can print a paper record, which includes the patient name and date of birth.

If you are having trouble viewing vaccination status in the MyChart mobile app, you may need to update your app. Individuals must be using version 9.7 or higher.

Click to view or print the MyPractice Update PDF.