Leading the Way in Innovative Research for COVID-19 Patients

Leading the Way in Innovative Research for COVID-19 Patients

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there is great interest in studying treatment and prevention approaches for the disease. Cleveland Clinic is participating in a number of research projects related to COVID-19. As an international leader in biomedical research, Cleveland Clinic has formed a multidisciplinary clinical trials committee to evaluate therapies for mild to severe disease, with the goal of supporting trials that are scientifically sound and prioritizing those with the potential for significant impact on clinical care.

Reasons We Give: 'I Am Proud. We Support Each Other. To Pay it Forward.'

Reasons We Give: 'I Am Proud. We Support Each Other. To Pay it Forward.'

We have all been challenged during this time. And yet, we rise to the challenge.

You continue to deliver world-class care. You continue to support each other. And still, so many ask, “How can I do more?”

The response to the Caregiver Giving Program has been amazing. As of May 8, donations have totaled more than $235,000 because of the generous support of almost 900 caregivers.

Your contributions support the Caregiver Hardship Fund and the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

Here are just a few reasons why you give:

“I am inspired by caregivers who are showing such compassion, courage and dedication to our patient's and community's well-being. I am proud to have such awesome colleagues!

“Each of us has blessings in our life we were meant to share with others. My hope is that this donation is one small way I can give a blessing and gift to a deserving colleague.”

“I want Cleveland Clinic to continue in the effort to make this a best place to receive care and the best workplace to work for as we care for these very sick COVID patients. Research is needed and I hope this little bit helps. Cleveland proud!”

“We are all affected by this pandemic in separate ways. Now, more than ever, is a time to come together and support each other any way we can. Something you may see as minuscule can mean a whole world of difference to someone else.”

“I have been on the end of good deeds in the past. I would like to take the opportunity to pay it forward. I hope I can help someone who really is in need.”

“As a recipient of the generosity of Cleveland Clinic; I felt I had to give back. The meals and the phone calls to check on me during my bout with COVID-19 were so appreciated.”

“Through our diverse talents and expertise, we are here to support each other in any capacity that we can. We are truly a family that is being led by a great leader. This has been apparent from the start so we must pass that strength and support on.”

“I appreciate all that Cleveland Clinic is doing to maintain employment of caregivers and in taking care of our own that are struggling during this time. I have never been prouder to work here in all of my 33 years of service.”  

“We are a team, every employee, no matter their role. Watching out for each other is what we do.”

“I've been touched by the selflessness and generosity of my fellow caregivers throughout this pandemic. Their sacrifices are immeasurable; I'm proud to call them my colleagues and I will forever be indebted to all of them.”

”It is my greatest privilege to work alongside so many wonderful, brilliant and caring individuals. I want to help support you all, as you help support the entire world, by developing the science and medicine that will allow us to move forward.”

No matter your reasons, your gifts truly make a difference. Thank you, Cleveland Clinic caregivers for supporting each other, our patients and our community.