Leaders ‘Inspired’ After Visiting Marymount COVID-19 Care Units

Marymount Hospital is one location in our health system where we are serving the complex needs of patients with COVID-19. Kelly Hancock, DNP, RN, NE-BC, FAAN, Executive Chief Nursing Officer, and Ed Sabanegh, MD, President, Main Campus and Regional Hospitals, wanted to see firsthand the tremendous work of our caregivers. They visited April 3.

“I was inspired by their energy and teamwork,” says Dr. Sabanegh. “Marymount caregivers define excellence for our organization and I am very proud to have them as my colleagues.”

Hancock and Dr. Sabanegh were joined by Marymount leaders: President Dan Napierkowski, MD; Chief Operating Officer Percival Kane; Chief Medical Officer Doug Kohler, MD; and Chief Nursing Officer Barb Zinner. The group visited the ICU and 3rd floor COVID units.

Hancock was inspired by everyone working as a team of teams. “You have given of yourselves," she says, "in every way possible, to ensure those we serve have hope, peace and comfort.” 

Throughout the hospital, they also saw many inspirational messages that caregivers shared as encouragement.

“The outpouring of support as we rally together to deal with this pandemic is truly inspirational,” says Dr. Napierkowsk. “I am proud of leading Marymount through this unprecedented time. Our caregivers are true heroes, displaying both personal dedication and professional commitment.”

Dr. Sabanegh adds, “As we walked out of the ICU, I saw a gentleman through the glass who was recovering from COVID and had been extubated an hour earlier. He gave me a big smile and thumbs up. Truly a fantastic day!”

View photos from the visit below.