Daily CEO Update | Researchers Expand Our Understanding of COVID-19

Daily CEO Update | Researchers Expand Our Understanding of COVID-19

Fellow Caregivers,

At Cleveland Clinic, we are very passionate about discovering the treatments of tomorrow.

Our scientists and researchers have been working tirelessly to expand our understanding of COVID-19.

Today, I am joined by Dr. Serpil Erzurum, chair of our Lerner Research Institute, to hear about this exciting work. Watch the video above.

We will continue to celebrate our scientists and researchers, and incorporate their discoveries into our care.

Thank you to all caregivers for your dedication to our mission. You are what distinguishes Cleveland Clinic, and what makes our organization shine around the globe.

Dr. Mijahlevic |  Cleveland Clinic

Tom Mihaljevic, MD
CEO and President

If you would like to share this video with others outside Cleveland Clinic, send them this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/AhR6x_LD06c

Dr. Mihaljevic Shares His Appreciation During Nurses Week

Dr. Mihaljevic Shares His Appreciation During Nurses Week

Happy Nurses Week to our skilled and compassionate Cleveland Clinic nurses.

This year has been called “the Year of the Nurse.” It marks 200 years since the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

Every day, our nurses honor her memory by upholding the highest standards in this profession.

Nightingale was also known for her advocacy of public health. She embraced a calling to serve others … a calling we all feel today.

Together, we are navigating a pandemic unlike any other faced by clinicians in modern times. We are taking exceptional care of our patients and communities. Our nurses are a big reason why.

When faced with uncertainty, you showed heroism and kindness. Your teamwork with fellow caregivers has been selfless. And you have worked tirelessly to care for patients and innovate new standards in care.

Thank you to every one of our Cleveland Clinic nurses. Each of you has made a lasting impact on our organization. You make us all proud.

Happy Nurses Week.

Dr. Mijahlevic |  Cleveland Clinic

Tom Mihaljevic, MD
CEO and President

Know our Media Policy and Social Media Use Policy

Know our Media Policy and Social Media Use Policy

Managing our reputation, especially during a public health crisis, is of the utmost importance. As a  trusted global healthcare organization, we are looked upon for our expertise on how to address this rapidly evolving situation.

Cleveland Clinic’s Media Policy and Social Media Use Policy provides all caregivers standards and guidelines for media interaction and social media use. Both policies can be found in the Policy & Procedure Manager.

When media interviews and social media use is related to Cleveland Clinic, you are held accountable for following the same standards and policies that apply in the workplace. 

Remember that you represent our organization. Professionalism is paramount. You are responsible for always presenting yourself in a manner consistent with our Code of Conduct, Values and Leader Behaviors.

During a public health crisis and every day, guidelines are in place to handle all media inquiries on behalf of Cleveland Clinic:

  • Our Corporate Communications department is responsible for handling all media requests on behalf of Cleveland Clinic. A representative from the department is available 24/7 to facilitate all requests.
  • This includes requests from any media outlet (TV, radio, newspaper, web) to:
    • Information on media interviews on COVID-19
    • Inquire about a patient’s condition or status
    • Film or photograph inside/outside any Cleveland Clinic location
    • Interview any physician, caregiver, volunteer or patient
    • Obtain miscellaneous information for corporate, independent or student video/photographers
  • Per Cleveland Clinic policy, any media calls received by a caregiver within the organization must be sent to the Corporate Communications department. Call Corporate Communications at 216.444.0141.

General guidelines for social media use include:

  • When in doubt, don’t post or repost social media content. If you have questions about whether or not something is appropriate, please call Corporate Communications at 216.444.0141. 
  • Make sure your social media profile says “posts/opinions are my own.”
  • All posts or reposts must comply with Cleveland Clinic policies, including HIPAA and our Social Media Use policy.
  • Follow Cleveland Clinic’s Code of Conduct and political activism (part of the Code of Conduct) when posting or reposting on social media.
  • Follow Cleveland Clinic’s Conflict of Interest policies when posting or reposting. Do not post or repost endorsements or anything that can be perceived to be an endorsement of a third-party company, product or service.

Questions? Call Corporate Communications at 216.444.0141.

Show Your Support of #GivingTuesdayNow

Show Your Support of #GivingTuesdayNow

Our Cleveland Clinic family is coming together like never before. We have seen a tremendous response from corporations, organizations, community members and fellow caregivers who are committed to supporting our COVID-19 response. But there’s still more work to do.

On Tuesday, May 5, Cleveland Clinic will participate in #GivingTuesdayNow Рa global day of giving created as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. ­Nonprofits around the world will ask their communities to give back, just like you are doing through our Caregiver Giving Program.

We are humbled by your generosity. Nearly 650 caregivers have donated and together raised more than $200,000.  

Tomorrow, let’s continue our outstanding legacy of unity on #GivingTuesdayNow. You can learn more and consider a gift to our Caregiver Giving Program. The program supports:

  1. The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, which supports high-priority COVID-19 research initiatives working toward treatments and a cure. The fund also provides aid to front-line caregivers.
  2. The Caregiver Hardship Fund, which was recently expanded to assist caregivers who are experiencing unexpected financial hardship or expenses related to COVID-19.

As always, giving is voluntary. We appreciate your consideration and are grateful for gifts of any amount.

Thank you for your outpouring of support. One of our caregivers said it best: “I give in honor of the work we do, the people we are and the difference we make.”

Learn more in this brief message from Tom Mihaljevic, MD, Cleveland Clinic CEO and President.