Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine now available to inpatients at main campus

Beginning Tuesday, May 25, providers with prescribing rights can order the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), one-shot COVID-19 vaccine for inpatients 18 years and older at main campus.

The order must be initiated by a licensed independent provider as COVID-19 vaccines are not included in inpatient nursing standing order protocols (i.e. influenza vaccine). This process ensures shared clinical decision making between the patient and the medical team. As the COVID-19 vaccines have strict temperature controls for storage of non-punctured vials as well as drawn doses, vaccine administration will default to 5 p.m. daily, seven days a week.

Providers are strongly encouraged to discuss this vaccination option with their patients prior to ordering to avoid patient refusal after syringe preparation. Click here to view clinical criteria for inpatient vaccination and provider talking points.

Inpatient vaccination with J&J will start at main campus with imminent roll out throughout our Ohio regional hospitals.

Process question and answer:

Who is able to order the J&J COVID-19 vaccine? Any provider with prescribing rights.

How long does it take from the order being placed to the patient receiving the vaccine? 24 hours or less.

What is the cut off time to order for same day vaccination? 4:30 p.m., daily

What time are vaccinations given? 5 p.m., daily

What happens if an order is placed after 5 p.m.? The vaccine will be prepared and administered on the following day.

When will regional locations in Ohio be able to offer vaccines to inpatients? We will be adding regional locations in Ohio in a phased approach once the pharmacy process is secure at each location.

What if my patient wants an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) rather than J&J? At this time, we are only offering the J&J COVID-19 vaccine to inpatients. However, a patient can register at any of our vaccine clinics to receive the Pfizer vaccine by appointment.