CEO Update | Thank you for recognizing our workplace

Fellow Caregivers,

The past few months have illustrated many complexities unique to healthcare. Organizations like ours grapple daily with shifting priorities. Those who lead stay focused on what matters most.

At Cleveland Clinic, our priorities are clear: We care for patients, caregivers, the organization and our community. These balanced priorities are mutually supporting.

It is why aiming to become the best place to receive care must also mean becoming the best place to work in healthcare. I am proud to share The Plain Dealer named our organization a Top Workplace in northeast Ohio for 2020. It is the eighth year we are honored by this ranking, which is based solely on caregiver feedback.

The honor is made even more meaningful this year as we work as one team to lead through this pandemic — locally, nationally and globally. Thank you for recognizing Cleveland Clinic as a great place to work.

We remain concerned about the dangers of deferred care, and patients are now speaking up. Gary Roadruck is a patient at Akron General. He recently suffered a “widowmaker” heart attack and survived thanks to our outstanding care team.

In a recent news story, Gary admits to some unhealthy habits when Ohioans were first ordered to stay at home. Now, he is encouraging others to listen to their bodies and seek care.

Our researchers are staying vigilant on other threats to public health, such as vaping. A new study by Cleveland Clinic Children’s finds teens who regularly vape THC were more likely to develop lung injury associated with e-cigarette use.

As clinicians, we encourage parents and other adults to serve as role models on this issue.

You remind us of your dedication every day. At Martin North Hospital in Florida, our team recently showed incredible selflessness toward a patient in need.

The patient visits three days per week for dialysis and was recently diagnosed with COVID-19. His care team — Yolanda Genao, Amy Stabile, Johanna Job and Melissa Ryan — noticed he was becoming frail and weak. They learned he is alone without transportation and can go days without eating because he has difficulty purchasing food.

Devastated by this news, our caregivers surprised him with groceries on his next visit. They also make sure he now has a meal always delivered to his room.

Thank you for walking alongside our patients in fulfillment of our mission.

Dr. Mijahlevic |  Cleveland Clinic

Tom Mihaljevic, MD
CEO and President