Updated: SelfCheck COVID-19 swabbing option for Ohio caregivers

Caregivers can now receive their Occupational Health assigned COVID-19 test using a self-swab option at select Northeast Ohio hospitals and Family Health Centers (FHC). Please note this option is not available for family members or dependents of caregivers at this time.

Caregivers who believe they have COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed should call the Cleveland Clinic Caregiver COVID-19 Hotline at 216.445.8246 or complete the steps in MyChart directly following these instructions. Caregivers will be notified of next steps and scheduled for testing at a Cleveland Clinic testing location with the choice to select the self-swab option from Occupational Health.

Note: Please cancel any scheduled COVID-19 test appointment if you later opt to receive a self-swab test instead.

If the self-swab option is selected, an order is automatically placed. This order is not assigned to a specific location or time. The caregiver can pick up the SelfCheck swabbing kit at any participating location that is listed below. It does not have to be the caregiver’s assigned work location. If possible, caregivers should send an asymptomatic friend or family member to pick-up the kit, follow instructions within the kit and return the kit to a designated SelfCheck drop-box.

Steps for symptomatic caregivers who cannot send an asymptomatic friend or family member to pick-up the SelfCheck kit:

  1. Call the pharmacy – for location and contact information, see this Caregiver Pick-up & Drop-off Locations Guide
  2. After receiving the kit, follow the detailed instructions inside the kit
  3. Caregiver self-swabs with provided materials and records date and time of collection
  4. Caregiver deposits kit envelope in designated drop box
  5. Symptomatic caregiver receives their results 24-48 hours from test drop off through MyChart or a phone call from an Occupational Health caregiver

Visit this page for information on how to use SelfCheck as well as an instructional video. 

Caregiver self-swabs are available Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the following participating locations:

  • Avon Hospital, REJ Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Beachwood Family Health Center (FHC), Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Cleveland Clinic Akron General, Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Fairview Hospital, Fairview Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Hillcrest Hospital, Hillcrest Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Independence FHC, Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Lutheran Hospital, Lutheran Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Main Campus, Euclid Avenue Pharmacy (JJ)
  • Mansfield Cancer Center, Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Marymount Hospital, Marymount Family Pharmacy
  • Medina Hospital, Medina Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Sandusky Cancer Center, Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Stephanie Tubbs Jones FHC, Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Strongsville FHC, Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Twinsburg FHC, Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Willoughby Hills FHC, Outpatient Pharmacy

Weekend hours end Sunday, Jan. 30. However, caregivers may schedule weekend testing in the P building on main campus.

Please note that Cleveland Clinic pharmacies provide curbside medication delivery for select patients. Learn more.