Daily CEO Update | State Leaders Look Ahead

Daily CEO Update | State Leaders Look Ahead

Fellow Caregivers,

As government leaders approach next steps in this pandemic, they have welcomed perspectives from hospitals and health systems. We are grateful to have participated in discussions with the federal government and the Ohio and Florida governors’ offices.

This remains an uncertain and evolving situation. A vaccine is unlikely to be available soon, and testing capacity is still ramping up. We must learn how to manage through this together as a nation, which means keeping at-risk populations safe as states reopen.

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens recently spoke with me about Cleveland Clinic’s views on this issue. Read his editorial.

In a separate story, our clinicians expressed concern that patients with urgent needs are avoiding hospitals. Patients may be afraid to go to the hospital even for symptoms of heart attack or stroke. We will continue to educate patients that Cleveland Clinic is a safe environment. And if you or your loved ones ever have an emergency, please seek appropriate care.

Today, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced his plan for reopening the state, beginning with the resumption of outpatient healthcare procedures on May 1. Cleveland Clinic is working on a phased approach for reactivating our clinical services to serve our patients. I will share these plans soon.

On Saturday, our Florida team met with Governor Ron DeSantis to share ideas on how we can begin to safely move forward. Governor DeSantis visited our hospital in Weston and then hosted a press conference with our own Florida region leaders.

The governor outlined his measured approach to reopening the state. He was complimentary of Cleveland Clinic Florida’s data-driven, thoughtful and innovative response to this pandemic.

Our colleagues at NewYork-Presbyterian published a special message thanking our caregivers this weekend. An ad in this past Sunday’s Plain Dealer read: “The Amazing #HealthcareHeroes of Cleveland Clinic came to our rescue.”

We continue to receive positive updates from our teams in New York and Michigan. We are inspired by their selflessness.

Cleveland Cavaliers player Kevin Love expressed his gratitude for our caregivers. The Kevin Love Fund donated lunches to some of our teams directly involved with COVID testing and care. He then spoke to caregivers over FaceTime. Watch the video.

Heartfelt messages continue to be shared on the kudoboard. Respiratory therapists have received a number of comments, such as: “Thank you for helping people to breathe! Your help in stabilizing and treating all patients is greatly important in the aspect of clinical care during these times.”

Your teamwork creates positive outcomes for our patients every day. Thank you for recognizing and supporting each other.

Dr. Mijahlevic |  Cleveland Clinic

Tom Mihaljevic, MD
CEO and President

COVID-19 Family Care Resources for Caregivers

COVID-19 Family Care Resources for Caregivers

Cleveland Clinic has collected family care resources that you may find useful. They include applicants and volunteers offering babysitting, home help and more.