Caregiver COVID self-screening tool launching on Sept. 9

We have an excellent track record of caregiver safety during this pandemic. New and proven tools can help us ensure a safe workplace. To help protect the health and safety of our caregivers and patients, we developed a new caregiver self-screening tool called COVID Pass. The goal of the tool is to reduce the number of caregivers coming to work when ill or symptomatic.

Starting Sept. 9, all caregivers will be expected to complete COVID Pass daily, prior to reporting to any Cleveland Clinic facility for their shift.

Using COVID Pass

Please review these instructions for using COVID Pass. You will need a smartphone or computer to answer health symptom screening questions prior to coming to work. COVID Pass is quick and easy to use. Setting up phone or Outlook reminders can help prompt you to complete COVID Pass daily. The tool will be pushed out to the home screen of all Cleveland Clinic-issued mobile devices. For computers or other mobile devices, the tool can be bookmarked for easy access.

Based on your response, you will receive immediate notification that you are either cleared or not cleared to enter your onsite work location.

  • Caregivers cleared to work should proceed as usual. Caregivers are still required to complete thermal scanning at designated facility entrances or as instructed by your department.
  • Caregivers who report symptoms, such as fever, severe cough or shortness of breath, will not be cleared to work and should follow their normal call-off procedure. They will also be prompted to contact the COVID-19 Caregiver Hotline to have their symptoms evaluated.

Caregivers who do not have smartphone or computer access should:

  • Enter a Cleveland Clinic facility and complete thermal scanning at designated facility entrances or as instructed by your department.
  • Complete COVID Pass at a workstation computer or shared mobile device.
  • Remember that if you have COVID-like symptoms, follow your normal department protocols for call offs and contact the COVID-19 Caregiver Hotline to be assessed before coming to work. 

Note that caregivers working remotely from their home are not required to complete COVID Pass.

Managers will monitor their team’s compliance with COVID Pass.

Additional information

Refer to the COVID Pass frequently asked questions for more details about the tool. Contact for technical questions about the COVID Pass tool. For compliance monitoring and HR-related questions, reach out to your manager or HR Business Partner.

Using this simple tool will help us avoid spreading illness at work. Thank you for making COVID Pass a part of your daily routine.