Care for you and your household

You, caregiver, are a hero — and even heroes need a sidekick, a shoulder to lean on. At Cleveland Clinic, we have put the resources listed below in place with you and your household in mind. Don’t hesitate to reach out proactively or during a time of need.

Caregiver Support Resources

For the countless challenges we face during this pandemic, browse the resources in the COVID-19 Toolkit > Caregivers, which range from emotional to financial wellness, meal support and spiritual care.

The ONE HR Service Center has representatives who are familiar with all of our caregiver support resources.  Call 216.448.2247 for help.

Feeling ill?

  • Caregivers – if you’re feeling ill or live with someone that has COVID-19 symptoms, call the Caregiver COVID-19 Hotline at 216.445.8246. Our Occupational Health experts will:
    • Screen you and advise on next steps
    • Schedule you for COVID and flu testing as needed
    • Connect you with additional support services
  • Caregiver household members that are feeling ill should call their primary care provider or use our Express Care Online.

Child, elder, and pet care

Browse Connecting Caregivers community on Connect Today (Intranet) for services such as tutoring, child and elder care, virtual schooling support, back-up care and babysitting.

  • We have negotiated special rates with community resources such as Bright Horizons, Jewish Community Center, KinderCare and more.
    Pro tip: Pre-register now for services such as back-up care through Bright Horizons, so in a time of need, you are ready to go. 

Caregiver Housing Program

We have housing options for caregivers who are recovering from COVID-19, as well as caregivers who do not have COVID-19, but have no way of isolating in their household. Learn more about the program and application process.