Daily CEO Update

Daily CEO Update

Fellow Caregivers,

We are part of a wonderful community.

Messages of support inspire us to persevere, fulfill our mission and uplift one another. This morning, we opened a digital “kudoboard,” which collects heartfelt words of encouragement meant for our caregivers. We’ve even received video messages from Larry Nance Jr. of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Adam Cimber of the Cleveland Indians.

You are heroes and deserve to be recognized every day. Please share your gratitude using the kudoboard.

To further support caregivers, we are:

  • Posting signage to thank caregivers throughout our locations.
  • Eliminating caregiver parking fees for two months starting in April.
  • Offering one-on-one virtual coaching for Cleveland Clinic leaders to help them think through challenges and maintain healthy teams.

Supporting each other as a team is crucial as we prepare for a surge of patients. Our predictive models show the peak of COVID-19 patient activity to happen by mid-May. We are learning from the global and national response and preparing accordingly.

We expect flexibility and accountability from every person in our organization. The pandemic will test our system’s capabilities. I have every confidence in our preparations, such as:

  • Training clinicians to provide care outside their specialties in areas of greatest need.
  • Innovating our expansion of intensive care beds and management of ventilators.
  • Exploring automation to step up the number of COVID-19 tests we can perform, and activating rapid release of test results through MyChart for patients and caregivers.
  • Researching COVID-19 and creating a registry of patients, which will help us develop models for risk prediction and become even more proactive about care.

Yesterday in the State of Florida, the Miami-Dade and Broward county governments declared “shelter-in-place” orders similar to the State of Ohio. We maintain close communication with government leaders in both states and continue to monitor this situation as partners.

You inspire me with your heroic efforts and selfless teamwork. Now more than ever we are inseparable from each other and our communities.

We will get through this together. Thank you.

Dr. Mijahlevic |  Cleveland Clinic

Tom Mihaljevic, MD
CEO and President

Smart Speakers and Remote Work/Telehealth Reminder

Smart Speakers and Remote Work/Telehealth Reminder

For caregivers working remotely — including clinicians doing telehealth visits from home — please remember to turn off any smart speakers while working. Smart speakers, also known as digital assistants, are always in listening mode, waiting for a command. It is possible your conversations would be recorded and stored on a server that may be accessed by unauthorized parties.

Smart speakers (Alexa, Amazon Echo Dot, Google Home, etc.) in the room where you are working, or nearby, should be turned off or muted, particularly when having conversations related to Cleveland Clinic. This includes conversations with fellow caregivers as well as with patients. If you have had such conversations near your devices that may have been turned on, be sure to delete the device’s recordings.

Thank you for your continued dedication to each other and our patients.

A Reminder About Patient and Caregiver Testing Protocols for COVID-19

A Reminder About Patient and Caregiver Testing Protocols for COVID-19

The demand for COVID-19 testing will only grow, and we are doing all we can to help as many patients as quickly as possible. To ensure that patients at highest risk receive priority in COVID-19 testing, please follow proper testing protocol for patients and caregivers.

These criteria were developed by our experts, and they may change as we understand the disease process better. Following these criteria can save lives.

Also, be assured that as we take care of our patients, we also take care of our own. If you or a member of your family should become ill, we will address your needs.

Thank you for your support as we continue to learn about this disease process.

Rapid release of COVID-19 test results in MyChart

Rapid release of COVID-19 test results in MyChart

Updated March 27, 2020

Effective March 25, once COVID-19 test results are processed, they are released immediately to a patient’s MyChart. Test results are currently being processed within 24 hours for inpatients and those tested in our Emergency Departments. For patients tested at our drive-through facility, results are available within 5-10 days. Caregivers in Northeast Ohio can expect results in less than 24 hours, while caregivers in Florida can expect results within two days. These wait times may fluctuate depending on testing demand.   

Following the immediate release of COVID-19 test results to MyChart, a provider will contact the patient with next steps within 24 hours. This will apply to patients with either a positive or negative result

For Cleveland Clinic patients, a clinical provider will be in contact to answer questions and give patients information on what they should do, including:

  • Those who are COVID-19 positive — guidance on home isolation and a Home Monitoring Program that will be provided to patients by Cleveland Clinic Community Care (4C)
  • Those who are COVID-19 negative — guidance on self-monitoring of symptoms and  when to call the COVID-19 Hotline with any concerns

For Cleveland Clinic employees, a member of the Occupational Health team will follow-up directly with you to answer your questions and provide more details on what you should do, including:

  • Those who are COVID-19 positive — guidance on home isolation and a Home Monitoring Program provided by 4C. Occupational Health will notify your manager as well as provide guidance to you as to when you are cleared to return to work.
  • Those who are COVID-19 negative — how to monitor symptoms and guidance as to when you are cleared to return to work.

Note that we continue to follow CDC testing guidelines and focus testing on high-risk patients, including those who are 61 and older, hospitalized, meet other high-risk criteria and are symptomatic.

Thank you, Cleveland Clinic caregivers

Thank you, Cleveland Clinic caregivers

Take a moment to read messages of appreciation and encouragement; or add your own note at clevelandclinic.org/kudos.