During the pandemic, the nursing community is supporting one another — both within our health system and across the nation.

Cleveland Clinic Lutheran Hospital caregivers collected spa care packages as well as treats from Malley’s Chocolates to send to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses at Good Samaritan Hospital on Long Island, New York, as well as Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. Both hospitals have cared for large number of COVID-19 patients since the beginning of the pandemic.   

“A nurse on our Medical unit, Erica Feldt, has friends and former co-workers who work at Good Samaritan Hospital in Long Island and shared the incredible challenges they were going through,” says Janet Schuster DNP, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Lutheran Hospital. “The nursing and hospital team was eager to do everything they could to show their gratitude and caring making the Good Samaritan nurses days a little brighter."

Nursing is more than a job — we’re family. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our Lutheran family, gathering enough items to send a package to Henry Ford Hospital. This package was sent in honor of Jesse Sohl, one of our Lutheran Hospital ICU nurses who went to Michigan to help in their time of need.”

Nurses at these hospitals were overwhelmed by the gesture. Good Samaritan Hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer shared, “Never in my 40-year career have I received support like this from another healthcare organization.”

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