COVID-19 exposure, RqTA and business travel changes

As the COVID-19 vaccine has become more widely available and vaccination rates have increased, we have seen a significant decrease in COVID-19 cases and severity. This encouraging trend allows us to transition from some of the initiatives we launched in response to the pandemic.

Effective July 1, Required Time Away pay (RqTA) will no longer be available. The RqTA timekeeping code has been used during the pandemic to allow caregivers who test positive for COVID-19 paid time away from work.  Caregivers who miss scheduled shifts because of positive COVID-19 testing on or after July 1 will be required to take PTO or other standard leaves of absence.

Caregivers who miss work prior to the effective date because of positive COVID-19 test results will still be eligible for RqTA pay, even if their benefit payable period extends past July 1. Review the updated Caregiver Exposure FAQs.

Other programs we have put in place to support caregivers will continue at this time: the Caregiver Support Team, Caring for Caregivers and the COVID-19 Hotline.

View the latest business travel guidelines and where to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine.

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