Want to gather virtual health feedback? Use our standard telehealth patient survey

“Probably the best experience I've ever had with a medical professional. I was put at ease and that's not an easy task because I'm scared when I'm in a doctor's office.”

“The nurse was totally amazing with my son! She even unknowingly made him feel better about something he is self-conscious about, by complimenting him.”

The above comments represent some of what patients are saying about virtual visits.

We know that capturing patient feedback about our services, especially virtual care, informs us how we can do better to become the best place to receive care anywhere. Working with Digital Health, we also hope to better understand for whom virtual visits don’t work and how virtual visits impact perceptions of access.

To ensure consistency, the Office of Patient Experience (OPE) and Information Technology collaborated on a standard ambulatory telehealth patient survey, which launched March 1, 2020.

For all virtual video visits across the enterprise, including Express Care Online, we administer a standard Medical Practice Telemedicine Survey. The questions align with our enterprise office visit survey for comparison of in-person and virtual visit ratings, as well as to provide industry benchmarking.

In an effort to minimize patient surveying, this survey will be the mechanism for patient feedback regarding virtual visits. OPE recently integrated virtual visit feedback into individual physician reports and online physician profile pages as well.

A telemedicine patient experience dashboard is available to obtain and review survey feedback, including ratings and comments.

Questions? Contact patientexperience@ccf.org or visit our intranet site to learn more about our standard surveys for collecting patient feedback.